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Postcard from Porto

Postcard from Porto

Hi Wee Yin,

Sorry about how I left you, I was in a hurry to catch the plain. Just a short note to let you know we are all good and having fun. This is the view from our apartment when we arrived.

view from the flat when we arrived

Porto is a nice place and I’m sure you would love it here. Lots of places to explore with lots of walking. Their train station is small but is nicely tiled.

porto station

In the old part of the city you could be off leash because the streets are so small cars cant get down them.

narrow street in porto

Porto is built on hills so is up and down then up again. Occasionally you find nice wee squares where it is quiet and good for a pit stop.

cute wee square in porto

Some things make it very different from Glasgow. Even in the city centre the people here hang out their washing.

washing day in porto

In the afternoon we went to a market. One thing for sure Poppy, I will not be feeding you barnacles, they are minging.

porto main market

This is the square beside the flat its only ever quiet first thing in the morning. You can just about see our balcony. You would love the balcony, even better than your windowsill.

outside our flat in porto

We thought we would check out the beach just in case we come back with you. To get there we had to catch a tram. Trams were very busy and you have to que to get on them. I ended up having words with a driver on the way home. The beach was ok by the way.

inside the number 1 tram porto

The view from the flat before the sun goes down

view from the balcony

This is what it looks like at night-time.

view from our room at night porto

On Sunday we went to explore the other side of the river in Gaia.

view of porto from gaia

Gaia is very different from Porto. They have good graffiti in Gaia.

big rabbit in gaia

We jumped on a boat and went to explore the river, this is a picture of our flat. It’s the middle one with the red shutters.

our flat in porto from the river

People in Gaia really do good graffiti.

physical graffiti porto

One thing you would hate would be the bikers, millions of them and each one tried to be louder than the other.

bikers of porto

The main reason we came here was to try the red juice its famous for. They have a lot of it here. It was very nice.

port wine in porto

Gaia also has a cable car. It is the best way to get up the hill and has great views.

cable car ride up the hill in gaia

At the top was the church we see from our balcony. Looks different close up.

Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar porto

The bridge looks different from up here too.

Luis I Bridge

Back at the flat we got a visitor. One thing for sure it wouldn’t be there if you were around.

visitor at the flat porto

The people here love to watch the sun go down. The next time we see the sun we will be back. Keep being good for granny and grampa. See you tomorrow.  

last night in porto

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