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Lobsters in Crail

Lobsters in Crail

It was hot when we started our walk this morning, only an occasional breeze from the sea to cool us down. Leaving Cellardyke behind we headed up the fife coastal path towards Crail. After a while I had to stop. Too hot. Luckily mum had brought a nice bottle of water. Dad cupped his hand to make a bowl and I filled my boots.

poppy the westie has a rest at the Caiplie Coves

Onwards and upwards, we passed fields and farms until I found a spot where I could go for a dip in the sea. The sea was nice and cool, perfect on a day like this. The cove even had some rocks to climb, Poppys loves climbing rocks.

poppy the westie exploring the beach on the fife coast

It was very quiet as we walked along the coastal path, hardly a peoplesee on it. I only met one doggie the whole way and that was right at the start. It must be because it’s so hot.

fife countryside

It was getting close to lunchtime when we got our first glimpse of Crail. Mum can we go down and get some dindins? All this walking has made me starving!

poppy the westie above crail harbour

First we had to go to the butchers. Why is the bestis shop is always the one that Poppys are not allowed in? Leaving the main drag we headed down to the harbour. On the way some americans were bemused that I was off leash, they have never seen a poppy off leash before in a town.

poppy the westie on shoregate crail

At the harbour Dad bought rolls in lobstersees, a huge crab and a couple of crab cake sliders. YUM! Poppys loves all of those. Dindins over we explored the harbour.

poppy the westie at crail harbour

I have been here before but never when it was so hot. Look dad whats that? It looks like a dog but it doesn’t smell like one.


poppy the westie and big scotty at crail

As we plodded past the Lobstersees hut I found the pots they caught them in, mmm you can still smell them YUM.

poppy the westie and lobster pots at crail

Lets explore the other side of the harbour, there is bound to be more smells over there.

poppy the westie on south pier crail

I was still panting in the heat so Dad took me down to the beach for a paddle. Dad, this is the first time I have been for a paddle in Crail. All cooled down I was ready for the walk back. Mum and Dad had other ideas. No Poppy were not walking we are going to get the bus. Mmm OK then, suits me. Back up the hill then?

poppy the westie has a seat in king street crail

Dad met an old punk rocker that staid in the same camp as us, they had a good chinwag while waiting for the bus that was “fashionably late” according to the locals. It did come and soon we were back at camp. We had a very lazy afternoon, it was so hot I had to ware my cool coat, even then I still took cover under Betsy. It was a bit cooler when we went for dinner. Not cool enough to stop the locals sitting drinking and chatting around the harbour. Good job we are eating outside tonight,

poppy the westie at cellardyke going to the haven

Dindins was good. It was also nice to have a wee walk after to let it settle, back to Betsy then?

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