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Poppy goes to Ullswater

Poppy goes to Ullswater

Life is pure pants. Normally I’m a happy wee soul but recently I just can’t be happy. It all started when I hurt my leg. At first, I thought it was getting better but then it just got soarer and soarer. To cheer me up Mum bought me a poppymobile so I could get further than just my street. Thanks Mum. One thing that did make me happy was going away in Betsy. She took us to a place called Ullswater. When we got there she rested at a place called Park Foot next to the lake. Nice spot Betsy.

poppy the westie at camp by ullswater

We made good time coming down the road so had plenty of time to explore the nearby village of Pooley Bridge. Mums phone said we would have no rain so all’s good let’s go! Mum soon put the brakes on, “Your going by poppymobile” she said. Oh OK then. We left Betsy and went down to the park’s pier, nice views from here.

poppy the westie in buggy at campsite pier

Next dad pushed me along a really bumpy path. Halfway along he let me out. This is great loads of new smells, freedom was flitting and soon I was back in the poppymobile. It trundled along eventually the bumpy path ended at a bridge, Mmmm so this is Pooley Bridge then? Beside the bridge was a small pretty village. I looked at Mum, explore?

poppy the westie in poppymobile at pooley bridge

One of the reasons for going to the village was to find somewhere to eat tonight. Dad just checked each menu and as long as scampis and chips was on it he was happy. Dad really liked the look of the Sun Inn.

the sun in pooley bridge

Mum was not so impressed so onwards and upwards. Mum enjoyed the small shops in the village I hated them. I don’t like it when mum goes into a shop and I can’t see her. Every time she went in I would whine really loud so she would come out quickly. This tactic works every time, nobody wants to be in a shop when I’m whining my head off at the front door! The last pub we checked out was The Pooley Bridge Inn. Mum liked it and it had scampi on the menu, looks like we have a winner. Even better they had squidees YUM!

poppy the westie outside the pooley bridge inn

Dinner all booked we went to explore the other side of the bridge. We were going on boats tomorrow and mum wanted to suss things out before we went. The other side was smaller. Only a few houses and the pier for the steamer. Nice enough though.

poppy the westie by the steamers pier

It was getting on, time to go back to Betsy. We stopped for a few moments on the bridge looking out to Ullswater. Better get back and ready for dinner.


view from pooley bridge

Dinner was great. The only spoiler was mums phone. It said it would be dry, it wasn’t. It was wet. No fun in poppymobile when its pitch black, cold and very wet. I was glad to get back to Betsy and bed.

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