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Pictures of Nashville

Pictures of Nashville

Hi Popstar

We had a late checkout at the hotel so we were not homeless until 2 o’clock. Mum wanted to visit a guitar shop so after breakfast we plodded down to the Gulch. The shop had a lot of guitars but it was very expensive. The only thing I could afford was a patch for my cut downs.

vintage guitars nashville

In Nashville people really like to paint walls, not like here but with pictures as we headed back into the Gulch we saw this one. In America they call love hearts candy hearts. I ask you Poppysocks, what would Dolly do?

hearts in the gulch

It’s not just walls they paint.

railway by the gulch

Back in the main bit of the Gulch we saw this, I got Mum to sit on the suitcase.

what lifts you the gulch

Well we were surprised when we saw this, looks like there are some people in Nashville that something other than country.

hendrix at the gulch

I wanted to buy a record so we headed to urban outfitters on they way we saw a flower shop in a VW. I thought you would find this odd since VW normally live in campsites.

flowervan at the gulch

I didn’t buy a record, I talked myself out of it. On the way back to the hotel we went into a pet shop to buy you a present but they had nothing you would like. We packed our stuff into the car and headed to 16th Street South. Mum wanted to go to a shop called Draper James. It’s owned by a famous movie star apparently. So off we went. This part of town is very different from the city centre. They have a very high regard of Dolly Parton here, check out the car!

dolly for president

A lot of Americans get their photo taken at this spot. Americans are funny.

nashville looks good on you

Mum was going into a jewellery shop and I had to take her photo.

mum at 16th south

Further on we found another wall painting, the three stars on the flag represent the landscape of Tennessee, Mountains, Hills and the Flats.

I beilive

Eventually we got to the shop Mum wanted to see. Inside she found nothing that she wanted to buy but the shop did look good from the outside.

drapper james

We went to a BBQ place for lunch, you would have liked it. Well the wee dug that was there loved the food. It was time to go to the airport. On the way back to the car we wandered through a residential neighbourhood, The houses people live in here are quite modest, but nice. I don’t know how they would hold up to Scottish weather though.

16th south house

Anyway, got to go to the airport, see you tomorrow.

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