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Poppy goes to Benderloch

Poppy goes to Benderloch

Mum and Dad are back now I forgave them for abandoning me with Granny and Grampa. I had a good time anyway I get lots of treats there, lots and lots. To make up for it we are going on an adventure I know this because Betsy has been all cleaned and stuff has being going out to her every day. Well Betsy fired into life and we were off. She stopped in Helensburgh, “What’s with? Betsy can’t camp here, it’s a road.” We got out and went into a house. Aunty Rae and Uncle Richard were there. Mmmm this isn’t their house, I looked at Dad. “This is their new house Poppy” said Dad. Oh OK, better explore then. Aunty Rae was not well she couldn’t get up from the couch. I kept away from her, better let her rest. We decided to let her rest and got back to Betsy. Betsy set off down small wee roads past places I have never been before. She eventually hit the big road over the mountains, ah now I know where I’m at. She went on and on, past Inverary and onwards to Oban. Before we got there Betsy went over a big bridge and soon after pulled into a place called Benderloch. Funny entrance to a camp site this.

entrance to camp at benderloch

All pitched up I looked at Mum and prodded her leg with my paw. She was too busy to talk to me. Oh well Dad then. He looked at me and I gave him my best lets go out and play look. I then went to Betsys door and scratched it with my paw. “Poppy stop that we will go out in a minute” said Dad. Ha, Result. We went out to find a place to eat. The path to the restaurant was great for a game of ball.

poppy the westie going to the food farm

Ends up the food place was still closed. Where next? Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. Dad? I smell beach. Lets go! I easily found the beach, can’t miss that smell. BALL! BALL! BALL! “Poppy shoosht! I have the ball be patient,” said dad. Stuff patient I barked at him BALL!

poppy the westies first time on benderloch beach

The beach was a nice mix of sand and small pebbles, so even if Mr Wind got up to his tricksees no chance of getting sand in my eyesees.

poppy the westie Beaches are great

We played all the way up and down the beach. All this ball takes it out of a poppys.

poppy the westie on beach with castle benderloch

Mum spotted some rocks, “look Popstar some rocks to climb”, well poppys don’t need a second invite to climb rock, poppys loves climbing rocks.

poppy the westie on rocks at benderloch

We couldn’t go to far because the ground was very boggy. Daft dad had the wrong type of shoes on. According to him it was because I wasn’t wearing my Equafleece. I looked at him, then his feet then at him again. Aye right Dad! OK then, there is some grass over there lets play ball.

poppy the westie and crofts at benderloch

Fun and games over it was back to Betsy for snoozys. Dads cooking tonight. I wonder what I’m getting.

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