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Postcard from Tennessee

Postcard from Tennessee

Hi Poppy

Yesterday we took in a plantation, it was a nice distraction.

plantation house

The weather had turned and it started to rain.

back of plantation house

Since it was raining Mum thought it would be a good idea to go shopping at the outlets. To get there we had to drive to Opreyland home of the Grand Old Oprey. Bags bulging we came back to the hotel had pizza delivered and headed out for a show. We went to a place called Higgi and saw about four different acts.

Today we jumped into the car and took a drive into the country. We were going to the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg. It was quite a long drive but it was nice to get out of the city. The weather didn’t play ball so if you were here you would have to wear the equafleece! All parked up we went into the visitors centre. They had Jacks suit inside a glass case.

jacks suit

That’s not all they kept behind glass, they must have known I was coming.

1920s old no 7

We went to the end of the factory to see where they make the charcoal for filtering the whiskey.

the charcole pire

Because of the purity of the spirit, they even have their own fire brigade.

the fire trucks

The rain was relentless and we got soaked coming down the hill to the still house.

view to the mash house

On the way there we saw a statue of Jack in front of a cave. The stream that came out is the one they use for every bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

jack daniel

We were not allowed to take photos inside the mash house or the still house but round the back I just looked like a small factory, not the image you see on the box.

back of the still house

The front looks a bit better but still well different from the box.

front of the still house

In the factory shop I wanted to buy a bottle of rye. Thirty five dollars! It’s only twenty pounds back home, how does that work. Tour over Mum thought it would be nice to see the town. It’s a small town a few shops but no pubs. You can only buy alcohol at the factory, that will explain the prices then.

town hall Lynchberg

Oddly for such a small town they had two motorbike shops, Harley Davidson and Indian.

indian garage

Back on the road again we were heading for the historic town of Franklin. It’s a quant little town with some posh shops and expensive cafes.

house in franklin

We even saw another of the red birds by a church.

red bird

It was getting on so we headed back to the car going round the main square on the way back.

franklin main square

We drove back to Nashville and got pizza delivered to the hotel again as we were going out to the Ryman Auditorium to see somebody called Morgan Wade. Don’t worry about it pop star, I have never heard of her either.

control desk at the ryman

Well a beer and a wine for Mum………Thirty Four Dollars!

Morgan Wade

The show was OK. When it ended it was time to get a taxi and get back to the hotel. Tomorrow is our last day.

morgan wade at ryman

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