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Postcard from Villefranche-sur-Mer

Postcard from Villefranche-sur-Mer

We were getting a bus to a place called Eze, when we got to the bus stop there were lots of people already there. The busses came every two hours. Well when the bus did come we managed to squeeze on, I mean literally squeeze on. I was pinned against the windscreen of the bus. Everybody wants to go to Eze. The village was nice though.

a doorway in eze

Even though a full bus load of people came here it didn’t feel crowded.

a street in eze

The village was small but had a really nice vibe to it.

We decided to leave and get back to sea level using a hill trail instead of the bus.

eze from the trail

On the way down we saw the strangest gardens ever.

hotel gardens in eze

The trail was long and we took a break after half an hour as it was quite hot and dusty. The views were nice though.

eze sur mer

Eventually we got down to sea level, you wouldn’t like this beach wee yin, too pebbly for your paws. One of the beach front houses is where Bono from U2 lives.

beach at eze sur mer

Time to move on. It was tricky getting across the railway lines but it did give us the chance to look up the hill to the village we came from.

eze village

The bus to Villefranche was less of a squeeze than the last one and soon we were on its main drag ready to explore the old town.


First stop was the fort where there was an exhibition about Brigitte Bardot. After a plod around the fort we looked across the bay to Elton John’s house up on the hill.

eltons house from the fort

We wandered down to the front that was full of cafes and restaurants, all were Poppy friendly so you would be alright here.


In the old town there were lots of cats so you would have your work cut out here. Venturing further into the town we discovered a hidden street. It was as if the houses were built on top of it!

the hidden street

It was time to go back to Nice. The bus was a lot busier. We got off at the port to grab a bite to eat before going to the airport.

nice harbour boats

Well this is our last view of Nice, we will see you tomorrow because we don’t get back to Glasgow until the wee small hours.

fiat 500 alu

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