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Arran from Troon?

Arran from Troon?

May has come and Betsy has come home from the car vets. This weekend we are going on adventures. She trundled down the road and stopped at a new place. Where are we Dad? “Troon”. Mmmm looks like a ferry port, we going on a ferry? Soon Betsy rolled onto the ferry. Where we going? “We are going back to the Island Poppy” said Mum. I just couldn’t stop my tail from wagging, Poppys loves Arran. We left Betsy and headed up the stairs, can we go up top?

poppy the westie on a new ferry to arran

The ferry engines stated to roar, the ferry started to shake and we were offski. Dad? One thing is puzzling me. We have been to the Island loads and loads of times but we have never got there from Troon. How come Troon? “Good question Poppy, only Cal Mac can answer that one.

leaving Troon

The ferry took longer than usual to get there, worse than that there was a smaller Betsy in front of us. The way it was going it was obvious it was going to the same place as us. Dad was irritated, “We will never make our dinner reservation at this rate”, he said. When we got to the campsite dad quickly jumped out of Betsy to book us in before the vans in front of us. We had a new pitch, it was on the grass, very strange, Betsy never rests on the grass.

Camp was setup in a flash and after a big drink of water we were off. We were off across the golf course. Poppys have been to Lochranza more than anywhere else in the world. This was weird though. Why are we going out at this time of day? Mmmm who cares lets go.

poppy the westie going for dinner at Lochranza Country Inn

At the end of the golf course we took the path to the castle. Must be going there then. On the way I picked up a familiar smell. Sniff. Sniff, sniff sniff. Mmmmm deersees. Mum, Dad beware, deersees. I was right, cocky these deersees when there is a fence to stop me chasing them.

deer in the garden again

Well we never went to the castle. In staid we went up a path to a big house. Never been here before, Dad? What’s this place?  “The Lochranza Country Inn, we are going to have dinner here”, he said. This must be new, I have never eaten here before.

Poppy the westie inside the Lochranza Country Inn

Dinner was yummy, fishees, Poppy’s fave. All full it was time to get back to Betsy. Up we got and headed off.

poppy the westie outside the Lochranza Country Inn

Mr Sun was going to bed and the castle looked moody against the sky.

sundown at lochranza castle

It was very quiet so I was off leash, well until we got to camp that was. Grrrrrrrrrr. Grrrrrrrr. Mum, Dad Look! We have been invaded and Betsy is in trouble! Look three of them. Bloody Deersees, don’t worry I’ll chase them away.

poppy the westie wants to chase the intruders

Well they never hung about when I’m here. Betsy was saved. All this protection makes a westie tired. Time for a snooze.

Poppy the westie after a hard night deer stalking

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