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Montecarlo or Bust

Montecarlo or Bust

Up early today and off to Monaco. Well what a faf. Getting a train ticket was murder, thankfully the train was late. When we got on it was mobbed, I mean really mobbed. If you were here you would get squished, even if I was holding you. Once off we made our way to the famous casino.

casino monte carlo front

Well you will never believe this but they charge 16 euro just to get in. I mean 16 euro so you can lose money?

me and mum in monte carlo

Daft, we never went in. but the back of it was pretty.

casino monteycarlo

We were trying to get to the princes palace for the changing of the guard. On the way we walked through the famous tunnel that the grand prix uses that brought us out the harbour of the rich and shameless.

monte carlo port

After yesterdays 350 steps, another 250 were in front of us as we climbed the hill to the prince’s just in time for the changing of the guard.

changing the gaurd monaco

Last thing to see was the cathedral where Grace Kelly is buried. It had a crazy organ that played “music” like you will never of heard before.

the organ at monaco cathederal

Monte Carlo is a strange place on the one hand it’s quite nice, well the old town is.

monaco cathederal

On the other hand it not, even the small harbour is built up.

port de cap d Ali

The big one is even worse. Some of the boats were the size of ferries!

port of monte carlo

Montecarlo done we headed to the train station to go to Menton. You would like it here. Plenty of space to move around, we met 4 of your cousins here.

old street in Menton

It was a pretty wee town with plenty to explore.

Basilique Saint-Michel Archange de Menton

You would love it’s stone park. It was one of the best graveyards I have ever seen.

grave in Cemetery of the Old Chateau

Every tomb was different.

Menton grave yard

The views were pretty good too. This is east.

view of Menton

This is to the west.

view towards Italy

The town itself reminded me of Italy, what do you think?

backstreet in Menton

Back in Nice we went to the local square for some nice cocktails and to watch the world go by.

pre dinner cocktails

In the hotel we had a glass of shampoo before going up to the room.

shampoo in the hotel courtyard

The hotels courtyard was full of orange trees.

under the orange tree

Up in the room we went out in the terrace for drinks.

terrace life

The sunsets were nice from the terrace.

sunset over nice

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