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Ziggy’s House

Ziggy's House

To day was an odd day. Mum and dad put plastic over every door. I couldent get in or out. Two men were going up and down the stairs and banging about in the top room. When they were finnished everywhere was black and sooty. Mum and dad cleaned up after they left but they left the pastic over the doors so I coulden’t get about the house.
Tonight is a very special night, I’m going to see my boyfriend! Ziggy is great and I just love him to bits. Ziggy lives in house that is so big its got its own lift! When we got in I smothered ziggy in kisses. Ziggy was playing it cool. Mmmmm more kisses will cure that.
poppy giving ziggy kisses
Ziggy’s Mum and Dad are really nice. They always talk to me and pet me when I meet them in the streat. I like their house Ziggy has even got his own room! They even have a door in their living room that goes to a balcony!
Mum and Dad were having a good time Dad was turning daft, it always happens when he drinks whiskey. Ziggiy’s dad was always busy filling glasses and bringing food.
little and large
Alan did not forget about us. He even gave me some of Ziggy’s dinner. Ziggy diden’t seem to mind, Ziggy gets good food. Mum can we get this?
steeling ziggys dinner
As the night went on Ziggy started talking. He has a deep voice, we went into his room and played with some of his toys. After I went back into the living room to get pets form Ziggy’s Mum. I think Ziggy was glad of the rest.
Dad was getting dafter and dafter with every whiskey and beer he drank and too soon it was time to go home. Time for one last kissfest with my big boyfriend.
more kisses for ziggy
By the time we got home Mum and Dad were very tired. I was tierd too, I even fell asleep when writing this.
poppy at work

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