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Santa Paws Day 2022

Santa Paws Day 2022

Santa Paws day is great! It starts with opening presents

poppy the westie has a new toy

I can smell sausages somewhere

poppy the westie finds nothing in here

Nope not in here but I found a new toy

poppy the westie smells sausage

Found them can I get some just now?

poppy the westie gets tore into her presents

After breaky I have a snooze in front of the fire before going visits.

poppy the westie gets ready for visits

At uncle Andrews a grumpy dog called sanza was there, I was glad to get back home. Granny and Grampa was there. They all got tucked into Dinner. I got turkey yum!  Santa Paws day is tiering work, snooze time me thinks.

poppy the westie settles in for the night

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