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Wet Robin Hoods Bay

Wet Robin Hoods Bay

It was cold and murky when we got up this morning. After a very quick patrol it was time for breaky. Mum wanted to go down to the village, are you sure you want to go out in that Mum?

poppysocks in betsy robin hoods bay

The sky stopped crying and we decided it was now or never so down the hill we plodded. As we got to the top of the village I remembered just how steep the hill was to get down there. Lets explore the top of the village first. Poppys aren’t daft, wee lanes means no cars, no cars means Poppys get off leash. Hurry up I know there’s a beach here somewhere.

poppy the westie explores robin hoods bay

On we went, up one lane down another. The village was very quiet. Sometime I thought we were the only ones here.

poppy the westie in the back lanes of robin hoods bay

Finally we got to the beach. So this is where all people went to. The ice cream van is still here dad. I always thought it was a daft place to park an ice cream van. I mean, on a beach? In winter? Daftys. After a good game of ball I spotted sealmonsters. Sneeky sealmonsters kept at sea, They knew better than to get to close to a poppy! The sky was looking very sad, Time to go I think.

the bay inn robin hoods bay

We started to head back when Dad went into a pub to book dinner for tonight, mmm looks good in there dad. Time to go back up the hill.

poppy the westie main street robin hoods bay

Just as we were getting to the top of the village the sky started to cry and cry. We better get back to Betsy.

poppy the westie in a rainy robin hoods bay

The sky was miserable all day, so miserable dad phoned the pub to cancel dinner. I had a peek out through Betsy’s window, good shout dad it’s warm and dry in here.

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