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Poppy’s Highland Fling

Poppy's Highland Fling

We haven’t gone out much these holidays, Mum and Dad have been working on the flat downstairs all the time. I help out mum with the painting but they are very bossy. All I get is. “No Poppy”, “Away from the paint Poppy”, “Poppy over here that’s sharp”.

I was very happy the day we didn’t go downstairs to work. Instead, mum took bags out to Mini. Mmmm we must be going on adventures. It was raining when Mini hit the road, soon she was speeding up the big road and heading for the mountains. We passed by Stirling then Perth, we can’t be going to Loch Morlich because we are not in Betsy. The further we travelled the whiter it got.  Eventually Mini came to a halt and we all got out. Where are we? It was very slippy mum had problems walking. I was let off leash and stretched my legs. I ran and ran, it was good feeling the blood pumping after such a long drive. So why we in a field?

poppy the westie on cullodan field

Dad said along time ago there was a big stushie between the lowland Rangers supporters and the highland Celtic supports who’s manager was Bonny Prince Charlie. This field was where it happened. Across the field were stones with names on them like Clan Campbell or Clan Frazer. “Mum said it marks the spot where the clans fell and were buried.

poppy the westie by the Frazers Stone Cullodan

Mmmm not a very cheery place this.

poppy the westie by the memorial cairn at culloden

Back in Mini we were off again. This time we on the hunt of sea monsters. The last time we hunted sea monsters up here we never saw a sausage. Mum the peoplesees up here just make these stories up to trick us into coming. Surprise surprise no Sea monsters. A soldier was marching towards a big fort. What’s this place Dad? “Fort George” he said. Mmmm A fort full of soldiers. Do you think they would mind me having a game of Ball?

poppy the westie with dad at fort george

Mini was zooming through the country lanes when she pulled of and went up to a big gate. Its quiet here mum. Mini slowly went though an archway and tiptoed up to a big castle. Dad was worried because the sign said Private home no peoplesees allowed. That’s OK dad I’m a Poppy! Ball anyone?

poppy the westie invades Cawdor Castle

It was getting dark and we were a long way from home. Mini took us to a place called Nairn. I looked at Mum, why we here? “We are staying here for the week” she said. Oh OK then. Mini got lost trying to find our cottage in a place called Fishertown. The streets were really wee and it was very dark. I was glad when she found it. Soon we were in, unpacked, heating on and cosy. I’m going to like it here!  

poppy the westie in the cosy cottage by the sea

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