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Dark clouds of change

Dark clouds of change

It’s been a weird few weeks. It all started with a surprise bath time, next day Mum took me out in Mini. Nothing strange there but she took me to the groomers! Mum never takes me to the groomers and I never go in Mini. Its always with Dad and always in Audi.

The next thing that was odd. Mini changed its dog tags. Mini is now PJ 10 XDR. Why did Mini do that? Mini was acting really odd. First she took us all the way down to Loughborough. It took ages and ages to get there, when we got there she stopped at a farm, Mum and Dad spoke to a peoplesees. I wandered around the farm taking in all the new smells. All of a sudden we all got back into Mini and came home. A long way to go for a sniff about a farm.


A few days later we were back in mini while it was still nighttime and going down the same road. 

poppy the westie in mini for last time

This time Mini took us to Darlington. We were not at a farm this time but a garage. After a while we all got into a new car called GLA and went for a ride. When we got back we didn’t get into Mini but drove away in GLA leaving Mini behind. Mini looked sad sitting by herself in the car park. I looked at Mum, “Mini is staying here”, she said. It made me sad I have known Mini all my life. Bye Mini, I’ll miss you.

Other things are changing too. Back garden has a big hole in it, Dad painted it green but its still a big hole. Front garden now has two hills on it. One is grass and one is dirt. Very odd. I think something big is happening.

Then it happened. I went my morning walk with dad but instead of going home we went straight into Audi. Where we going Dad? Park? Dad said nothing. When we stopped I got out. Mmm never been here before so I went for a good sniff. Soon I realised where I was VET!

Dad NO not VET! I was terrified, this vet always means pain. Dad what have I done wrong? I have been a good girl, why you taking me to vets? I was so scared I just couldn’t stop shaking. I tried and tried to get out but dad had a strong grip on me. Then it happened Vet came and took me from Dad. Dad do something save me.

Vet took me into a small room and gave me a sleepy pill. She then came at me and shaved my leg and stabbed me with a needle. The world started to go dark, Dad save me!

poppy the westie back from vet

It was funny night I just didn’t feel myself. Dinner came and I got a huge bowl of mackerel YUM. Next morning on my first walk of the day I noticed something else that was just weird. Audi had changed her dog tags. Mmmm Don’t like the looks of this. When Mini changed her dog tags she was gone in a few days. I miss mini, I don’t want to lose Audi too. GLA is ok but she is a bit too high and a lot harder to get in and out of. The other thing is she doesn’t let me sit on her seats, she makes me use a mat! Mini never did that.

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