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Another ordinary day 2023

Another ordinary day

I opened my eyesees when dad got out of bed, mmm too early. I let them close, too early, snoozseees. I was rudely awakened by dad and his talk box. Sure I heard him shouting up but I can snooze through that. I then heard the back door keys rattle, I’m not falling for that. If I run down stairs by the time I get to the back door it’s locked. I closed my eyes again. Then I herd the tune. I hate that tune! Steachy witchys, big yawnsees,  shaky shaky wakey wakey. I jumped off the bed, thud. I fixed on the sound and went for it. I hurled myself down the stairs bursting into the living room where is it? I know the dog in the sunglasses is here somewhere! “All gone Poppy, you were too slow,” said dad. Hmph I’ll get it next time.

poppy the westie comes into the living room

Dad gave me my breaky bickies and picked up onesie. Poppys don’t like onesie. Onesie are horrible. Dad never came near me with it and just hung it up behind the kitchen door. Good, best place for it. He put on my harness and I headed for the front door.

poppy the westie ready for the off

It was a nice day, bit cold but dry. Jack frost had touched some puddles and turned them solid. It was a good walk round blocks. I said hello to some of my neighbours on the way. Time for a big poo. “Why do you always poo at people’s doorways Poppy” said dad. I looked up to him, when you gotta go you gotta go.

At the end of the street we were bathed in sun shine, Poppys loves the sun. The small peoplesees were running to school as the bell had just rung.

poppy the westie on morning walk 23

We walked back to the house. A quick sniff around the garden and into porch. Sniff, sniff, no pesky Marcell been here today, good. That pesky cat should have got the hint by now, but cats are stupid.

poppy the westie at front door

Inside I had a look in downstairs, mmm those shoes haven’t moved for days. Dad you sure we have a new neighbour? Dad opened the door and I jumped up the stairs, hurry dad we have to check back garden for squirrelsees.

poppy the westie at home

I gave a bark to the back door. That will keep squirrelsee in the chimney at bay. “Poppy No Barks! You will wake our new neighbour” said dad. For the last year we have had the whole house to ourselves since uncle Kieran moved out. Last week we got a new downstairs neighbour called Hanna. I don’t know her yet, but I am being told to be on bestis behaviour. I am not convinced she exists. Dad started to tap into the machine on his lap. This doesn’t annoy me. The sound of the clicking is very relaxing, time for a wee nap in the sun.

poppy sunbathing on rug 23

At lunchtime dad stops the tippy types. That’s time for me to guard the street and look out for grandpa. It’s not a problem because its nice and warm on window ledge when Mr Sun is out to play.

poppy the westie sunbathing on windowcill 23

Grandpa came by as usual and took me out for lunchtime walks. I don’t really need a walk at lunchtimes, mum said it was more for granpa than me. I don’t mind because I get carrots at the end of it, YUM! When dad was talking to grandpa he saw something in the window. “Look Poppy, that cloud looks just like you!” Dad you sure you’re not on the daft juice again?

poppy the cloud

Granpa finished his coffee and got up to get the bus. I watched him go downstairs then jumped up onto the window ledge to see him off, bye grandpa.

poppy the westie sais goodbye to grandpa

Afternoon dad started to tippy time on the machine on his lap. I jumped up onto couch, Mum’s seat is Poppys seat in the afternoon. Very good place to go for a snooze.

poppy the westie afternoon snooze 23

Wakey, wakey, streachy wetchy, better get up, sneaky squirrelsees will be trying to get to chimney. Better go guard it.

poppy the westie on squirrel watch

It was all quiet on the back garden front when Mum got home from work. After big welcomes dad put harness on me. I gave him a look, what’s going on here dad? We don’t go for walks at this time. Mum said “Since it’s a nice day we are treating dad and taking him up the park for some fresh air. Mmmmm oh OK then. Park was good lots of games of ball and I even got to chase squirrelsees!

poppy the westie up the park 23

Dad went out to catch dinner from an Indian, Poppys don’t like Indians food, smells yucky. Mum and dad had a few drinks of daft juice, dad opened parcels, I didn’t help him too tired. I’ll just have snoozes instead.

poppy the westie ready for bed 23

Night time patrol was uneventful, just round the block supper then beds.

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