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Poppy Bags Inchmurren

Poppy Bags Inchmurren

Mum was being very furtive when she got home from work. We were going somewhere but she wouldn’t tell us where. Big Blue GLA was taking us to Helensburgh, but that’s not where she went. She passed Dunbarton, then Balloch but instead of turning left she turned right. Mmmm never been down this wee road before. At the bottom she came to a halt beside Loch Lomond.

view from the arden jetty

Mum led the way took us to a Jetty where we got on a boat. Mmmm this is not a normal Thursday.

poppy the westie on boat to inchmirrun

The boat pulled out into the loch as I looked back, Dad look a castle, never noticed that on the way in.

arden house

The boat pitted its way across the loch, I wonder where its going. It wont be Luss, we would just have driven there. Mmm in the meantime plenty of new smells to investigate.

poppy the westie explores the boat to inchmurren

After a while the smells from outside the boat changed, I could smell land. Other smells pricked my nose. Sniff sniff mmmm meat cooking, sniff sniff sheeps and cows, sniff sniff doggies.

poppy the westie looks to inchmirrun

The boat pulled into a jetty, well I needed no invitation I was offski.

poppy the westie baggs Inchmurren

Mum and dad went into the pub I followed, inside or out? Well there are no wasps and no midges so no brainer, no? Could be the last time we can eat outside this year.

the table at inchmurren

While mum and dad were eating I went for an explore. I met Blue, Blue was a huge big black doggie, bouncy but not too bouncy. He was more than happy to let me share his back yard, cheers Blue.

poppy the westie explores inchmurren

When Mum and dad finished their dinner mum went to settle up and get the boatman to take us back to the mainland. It was a school night so we couldn’t stay too long, it was also starting to get dark. I made my way to the jetty, hurry up Mum hurry up Dad.

poppy the westie on Inchmurren jetty

On the boat we were joined by a peoplesee who had been drinking the daft juice, all day by the sound of him. He was the best friend of the boat captain and was just coming for the ride.


When we got to the shore he was wobbling a bit as he tied the boat up. We said our goodbyes took a last look at the loch and headed back to GLA. We should do this every Thursday night.

view to inchmurren

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