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Hogmanay and Ne’erday 2023

Hogmanay and Ne’erday 2023

Hogmanay is the day before steak pie day. Last year we spent it on an Island called Anglesey in the land of dragons. What we doing this year. “We are going to find a secret beach Poppy” said Mum. Secret Beach? Mmmm. We all jumped into Mini, I sat on dads lap so I could see where we were going. Mini took us out of Nairn and down a wee road into the farmland. I hope nobody comes the other way. She came to a farm where other cars were parked. Not so secret this secret beach then.

There were two paths to get to the beach mum chose the smaller one. Mmmmm maybe not the wisest of choices. The path took us through thick gorse, ok for me but I heard dad give out a yelp when he got stabbed with it! We fought our way through and finally made it to the beach. What a beach! Well one thing was weird about this beach. The pebbles to get to it didn’t move when you stood on them and the sand was solid. I mean it was as hard as a pavement!

the secret beach Nairn

The sand softened as we got closer to the sea making it brilliant for a game of ball. Firm sand, little slope into the sea and no Mr Wind to blow sand into your eyesees. Come on Dad what you waiting for Ball!

poppy the westie on the secret beach nairn

Plodding along the shore we wondered to the end of the beach where a river stopped us from going any further. Across the water I could see the snow on the hills. Looks cold over there Dad eh? Mmmm it’s cold here too, I think I aim for dryer land.

poppy the westie on the Moray firth

It was an easy stroll, just plodding along but the sun was getting ready for bed and it was time to get back to mini. Dad do you recon we will be able to find the path?

poppy the westie on the secret beach leaving nairn

Look mum! The big path I think we should take this one back, save dad’s legs from getting jagged. “OK Poppy but first let’s take a photo of you for Granny and Grandpa.

mum takes a photo of poppysocks

As we got back to Mini a large group of peoplesees were coming down to the beach. Good job we came early and had it all to ourselves. Looks like the secret is out. Getting back to the main road was problematic too. Every time mini went onto the wee road a car would come forcing her to reverse back. Finally there was a gap and she sped along to the big road.

Back in the cosy cottage I had my eye on dad’s chair. I waited and waited then came my chance. He got up to go to the kitchen for a daft juice. As soon as the door was closed, I was on it in a flash. Ha It’s my chair now.

poppy the westie on dads chair

Hogmanay is a funny day. Mum and Dad don’t go to bed but instead set an alarm. It’s too much for me though, I just go for a snooze on the couch. “Happy New Year Poppy” said Mum. Oh, OK Happy New Year Mum, I’m going for a snooze.

poppy the westie snoozing on new years

Ne’erday was cold and wet. We were going to walk to the forest today. Dad and Mum had a chat then started to load up Mini. “It’s not a day for a walk Poppy instead we will head back down the road” said Dad. As soon as we headed off it started to snow. It snowed so much that the big road south got coloured in white. Only two black lines for mini to follow. It took ages to get home. The hills looked nice though. We missed the worst of the weather and got home safe and sound. I needed big rubs after the long drive.

poppy the westie getting rubs on new years

All unpacked we settled in for the night. I liked the cosy cottage but it’s nice to be home. I snuggled up on my cushion, Happy New Year. I wonder what 2023 will hold. Lots of treats I hope.

poppy the westie new years 2023

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