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Landed in Memphis

Landed in Memphis

Sorry we had to leave you the way we did but British Airways did it for us again so we had to get up early to get a train. Well we landed safe and drove for hours from Nashville to get here just in time to go to bed for the night. This is the view from the hotel.

Memphis skyline at dawn

This morning after waffles we went to a famous place called Beale Street it was surprisingly deserted.

Soda bar on beale street

Further on in Main Street the story was the same. People in Memphis obviously are not morning people.

quiet main street mephis

We walked down and explored the shops when we found the Lorrain Motel. A famous guy called Dr Martin Luther King was killed here.

lorrain motel

I don’t think you would like this street Poppy because we know what like you are with trams!

tram on south main street

The Peabody hotel would confuse you, they have ducks swimming in the fountain in the middle of the bar! You would cause chaos here wee yin.

ducks at the peabody hotel

Back at the hotel we logged onto poppy cam. See we always keep an eye on you no matter where we are.

poppy cam from memphis

Memphis is famous for being the place where Elvis started out so we were going to check out the studio where rock and roll started. Crime must be an issue here Poppy, look what they have to do to stop their scooters from being stolen.

after the tornado

Sun studios was smaller than I was expecting, but it was an interesting place.

sun studios

As the sun was falling on our first day we went to a rooftop bar to take in the views. Expensive cocktails up here.

view from the rooftop

Dinner to night was to be fried chicken. So as the t shirt said the only place for fried chicken is Gus’s. You would have liked this place.

gus s fried chicken

We were getting tiered so decided to plod back to the hotel. Beale street was very different at night. The people in Memphis do seem to prefer night time.

beale street at night

Wish you were here, will write tomorrow

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