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Today we don’t know what to do so best decide on the beach.
poppy the westie on Carradale Beach with ball
After a game of ball we explored the other side of the beach. The beach came to an end when it ran into Carradale water. The river was not wide but it was deep and fast flowing. How can we cross it dad?
poppy the westie at mouth of carradale water
We explored the banks but could not find a way through so we tried further inland only to be faced with a marsh
poppy the westie across the river from waterfoot
Heading back from the beach an old couple from Campbelltown stopped for a chat. They told us the walk to Waterfoot was nicer than that to Torridale, Waterfoot it is then. Back through the camp then.
poppy the westie at entrance to Carradale Bay campsite
Walking up the path we saw the signpost for Waterfoot, It pointed at the river….again! Dad we cant cross that can we? No. So the long way it was.
poppysocks sussing a river crossing
Here there were really old and huge trees. So old some of them had fairies living in them. The path was easy going and soon we were back on the main road.
big trees at carradale
In Waterfoot there was a choice of lanes to take. Peoplsees in their garden told us which way to go. A little further we found a stone park. Stone park means Ball and climbing!
poppy the westie at Waterfoot Burial Ground
The stone park had a secret. Wild raspberries. YUM
wild Raspberrys at Waterfoot Burial Ground
Sweet flavours in mouth we headed into the village as the rain started. Mum spotted a garage for shelter. After 5 min the rain had passed and we were off to the beach.
poppysocks at waterfoot
Ball! Ball! Ball! This was a very strange beach. The ball bounced ok but my paws sank into the sand, almost up to my tummy! The only way to do this is RUN!
poppy the westie on the quicksands of waterfoot
We could walk no further as the tide was in so time to head back. The only way further was by boat so we waved to peoplsees paddling by the headland and turned tail. On the way back Mum fell over on uneven ground and hurt herself. Time to go home for sure. I climbed some rock to find a quicker way.
poppy the westie on rocks carradale bay in background
The river was still to deep and fast to cross so we went looking for the stepping stones. The signpost for the stepping stones pointed to a path. The path lead nowhere. Back the way we came then.
poppysock going back to camp from waterfoot
Back at camp rested wand watered, dad went to see if the river was passable now. He told us it could be done but we would still get wet paws.
waterfoot from carradale
Dinner time. Knowing the quickest way to the Carradale Hotel off we trotted, not to quickly as both mum and dad had sore paws.
poppy the westie going to the carradale hotel
In the hotel there were lots of dogs. Some were very big. I got some of Mum and Dads Dinner. Yum! Time to get back back to Betsy.
poppy the westie in the carradale hotel
below poor we poppy trying to run on sinking sands

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