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The long long ride to Italy

We were up early, dad took me for a walk as soon as we got back to Betsy we were off. Betsy was still not well. The drive started badly, dad went the wrong way and had to turn Betsy around then Betsy was stuck at a red light, it was red for a while. It wasn’t until a car came the other way we realised Betsy was on the wrong side of the road! To top it off the man in mums phone told Betsy she was going the wrong way and to turn round and go back the way we came!

The drive to Italy was long, hot and slow going. Betsy was not allowed to run as she had week paws. After hours and hours we stopped, still in Germany. Betsy needed to drink, she also needed one of her paws sorting. Off again. As Betsy rolled up to Switzerland the police pulled us over checked our passports and demanded 40 euro for a sticker! Mum and dad were not worried by this I thought it was robbery.

The drive through Switzerland was nicer than Germany. At 1 O’clock we stopped at a big car park, it was very hot. We had something to eat a drink and we were off again. On and on we went, passed Lucern on to the Gotthard Tunnel. As we got closer it started to rain and to make matters worse there was a great big tail back, eventually we entered it. I knew what to expect, I was here two years ago, but, this is a long long tunnel. We were under the mountain for more than half an hour!

On the other side it was sunny and down hill for miles and miles. When we got to the boarder there was nobody there. So we skipped through into Italy. Mum was worried about Betsy’s space being given to somebody else, Dad was worried about Betsy’s paws. Mum one and Betsy had to start running faster.

We got into camp at 6:30, we were next to some Swiss people who petted me. Betsy sorted walk followed by drinks food at Vecchio Forno Dallo Zio Aldo.

The view of lake orta at dusk from the banks of Pettenasco
So glad we made it

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