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Stressed and Stresa

I woke up beside dad this morning. It was early and already hot. Normal walk was cancelled instead Dad was dragging me which means one thing, Bus. When we got there it was already busy. There were lots of children at the bus stop and every few moments more arrived. When the bus came there must have been 30 of them!

poppysocks waiting for bus to intra
It wasn’t This busy yesterday

Dad picked me up and got on, the bus was very busy but we managed to get a place. Everybody got off the bus at intra. Mum went over to the ferry and bought some tickets, boat ride, ruff, ruff, ruff, boat ride, love boat ride. But, if we are going on a boat ride why are we going away from the boats?

We wondered about intra and went up some side streets coming to a halt outside a building. Dad tried the doors but they were closed so we waited. What were we waiting for? Outside the building other dogs were waiting. A peoplsee came up and opened the doors.

poppysocks in the vet at intra
What is this place dad?

I got inside and was met by a big dog. I gave him a sniff, odd, looks like a dog but it doesn’t smell like a dog, better keep an eye on him. The pepolsee called Dr Mancini came into the room. First he pointed at the French Bull Dog and Pointed one way. The French Bull dog went. He then pointed to the other dog and pointed a different direction, they went. He then pointed to us and pointed to another corridor mum and dad took me there. When I got there I realised I have been tricked! Mum, Dad, NO, It’s a VETS! Let me out of here nasty vets, let me out! Let me OUT. I struggle and struggle but I can’t grip on the slippery floor tiles. I try and try but it’s no good. Dad stands up and walks me out, I’m running but can’t get grip. Dad opens the door and I’m on the street, lucky escape! Mum comes out a few moments later. She asks dad for the box. Dad said what box. He empties his pockets she empties her bag, Dad the goes back into vets! Yelp! Yelp! Yelp! Come back dad! He comes back and my heart is pounding and I’m panting like mad thankfully we head off back into the town.

Input from dad : The vet at Intra was fantastic. If you need your passport stamped to go home to the UK and you are in the Maggiore area then I would highly recommend him. Dr Mancini, Ambulatorio Veterinario Associato Verbano Dott.Mancini Dott.Ssa Pialor : address : Via Roma, 67, 28921 Intra VB, Italy

We got back to the ferry stop and get on a boat, even better upstairs on the boat. I have a great view. The boat went a short distance and pulled into another ferry stop lots of peoplsees got on. The boat then got faster It was a good cool breeze I liked it because I was hot and It cooled me down nicely. The boats next stop was pretty island called Madre.

poppysocks arriving at Isola Madre
lots of smells here mum

It was covered in flowers of all different colours. Peoplsees got on but more got on. Off again this time the next island was covered in houses, it was called Isola Superiore.

poppy the westie viewing isola supiriore

The last island was called Isola Bella, it had a big house on it and was covered in statues lots of peoplsees got off here.

We stayed on the boat and got off at a town called Stressa. Off the boat it was very hot without the breeze. Dad put my cool shirt on me and we headed for the shade of the old town.

poppy the westie in Stressa
Cool here can we stay?

Mum was looking for a souvenir and I was allowed in the shop. I lay down on the cool tiled floor under the ceiling fan. Mum left the shop and dad tried to get me to follow. The shop keeper laughed. Dad looked at him and tugged again. The shop keeper looked at dad and pointed to the fan. Ahh said dad. We wandered the old town and explored the sea front. It was full of posh hotels.

poppy the westie outside the regina palace stressa
We staying here dad?

Jumping from shade to shade we kept going. When the shade ran out we crossed the street as there were some trees on that side. Joy of Joy mum found a beach! Off leash I got to chase the white horses as they crashed against the shore. Running, barking only stopping to have a quick drink from the lake. This is FUN!

poppy the westie with isola bella in distance
I like it here mum

After playtime we wondered to an even grander hotel than the one before.

poppy the westie at grand hotel des iles borromees
can we stay at this one then

Time was running out so back to the boat we go. On the way back traders were setting up for a street market, what were they selling, it puzzled mum and dad as well. The boat arrived and we headed back to intra via the pretty lake islands.

isola superiore
only two more islands to go

After a stop for juice dad picked me up and carried me for a bit. I was glad because the ground was burning my paws. When it got more shade he let me walk again. Back to the bus stop. The buss took a while to come. Dad picked me up and got on mum asked for tickets. The Woman said No Poppys on bus without muzzle! No by tickets on bus only ticket office! Mum ran to buy tickets dad put nasty muzzle on me. I hate nasty Muzzle! Dad what have I done that is so bad for this? Was it because I lay under the fan? Was it because I was too draggy?

When we got back we sauntered down to the cemetery, I did not like it one bit, a nasty bit of grass got stuck in my paw. So on we went back to Betsy for a snooze.

poppy the westie in Cannero Riviers Grave Yard
My paw is sore, fix it mum

Dinner that night was next door at the outdoor pizza place. After dinner we went for a walk in the grass. It was cool, it was great, we got to play ball!

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