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Buses Boats and Baths

Up and off, dad dragging me up the road. Dad I can’t be bothered, go slower. I dig my paws in, he yanks me, I dig in more, wait a mo, wheres mum? I drag and drag all the way up the hill then stop. Why we stopped here? Ah theres mum.

bus stop cannaro riviera
bus stop Italian style

The bus came dad picked me up and on we went. The bus was nice and cool, I rested on dads lap under the air con. Poppys like air con. We got off bus at Cannobio It was hot. Lets go to the water mum can we? At the Boat stop was an amazing slope. At the bottom it was flat and the water only came half way up my legs. I chased the white horses up and down it was great.

Poppy the westie chasing the waves at Cannobio
I’ll get you!

Across the square mum got an ice cream after I met one one of my Swiss cousins, I was not too sure of him. I don’t speak Swiss.

poppy the westie not convinced with swiss westie
Do you not speak scottish?

Time to plod about the town, it was nice and cool I did not need my cool shirt. I explored every inch.

poppy in cannobia street
off lead no cars

Half way up the hill I noticed somthing very strange. a lion that spitted water from its mouth, grrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrufff

poppy the westie growling at lion in cannobia

After the lion another strange thing happened, a peoplsee giving away cheese and sausage! Good dad got me some it was yummy. Top end of town next up for exploration. Lots of quiet narrow cool shady streets. My kind of town.

poppy the westie resting in cannobia
why the plastic bottles

Dad wanted to buy a bottle of wine so back to the square. Dad bought a huge bottle of wine. It was heavy. In stead of going back to the bus stop we went to the boat stop. I liked it because I could play in the lake again. All good things, I had to get out because the boat was coming in.

We got a good seat on the boat. The boat did not go where mum and dad thought it would. First it went to Maccagno then it went to Luino. Eventually it crossed back to our side of the lake we got a good view of the castle.

poppy the westie on boat to cannero riviera
nice breeze keeps poppys cool

Back in camp mum and dad are up to something. I don’t know what it is but its not good. NO, NO, NO

poppy the westie getting a bath
Not bath time!!!

I hate bath time. Mum and dad have now stopped me from sleeping under Betsy because I’m nice and white, I hate bath times.

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