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Seal Monsters!

Seal Monsters!

I woke up this morning on dad, he still can’t climb the ladders to bed. The sun was shining as mum took me out for a walk along the shore. When we got back we had an easy morning, mum had dad playing about with her new iphone.

poppy the westie sleeping on dad in motorhome

After lunch we went down to the shore. Mum and dad were a bit in front of me when I picked up a strange new smell, I had to investigate, it smelled of old meat and fish. Mum and dad shouted me to come, so I left a marker sent for later.  We plodded along till the shore disappeared then leash on we walked through the village until the village ran out. Dad saw his dream house and it was up for sale. He said it was built by the owner of Saxon Shoes, means nothing to me I don’t know what a Saxon shoes is.

poppy the westie outside the saxon shoes house

We were off the road so I was off the leash. I remember this walk from the last two years, it’s a good walk lots of beaches lots of grass and rocks to climb on. We walked and I got to play ball. Mum started to look at things in the water, we got closer and closer, There was that smell again. Dad went on to the rocks so I followed, then I saw them Seal Monsters!

poppy the westie hunting seal monsters

Grrrr well I’m not too happy about them so I barked at them. The seal monsters slipped from the rocks and melted into the water! I could not get to them because the sneaky seal monsters know poppys don’t swim.

poppy the westie investigating seal monsters

Around the next bay the seal monsters were there again, I saw them jumping out of the water. We climbed on to the rocks. They were everywhere. Mum and dad were watching them and taking pictures. Then I saw my chance. A big line of them and they were on rocks I could get to! So I walked past dad slowly and creeped  closer to them…..CHARGE I ran as fast as I could, dad and mum cried Poppy No! Poppy No! Poppy! My dander was up CHARGE! As I got close to them they scattered into the sea. Sneaky Seal Monsters.

poppy the westie getting ready to attack the seal monsters

Mum and dad gave me a row. I was not allowed near them after that. On the way back we met some peoplsees, they seemed astonished at a rock climbing dog , they have obviously never met west highland whites before.

poppy the westie on the rocks of Arran

It was hot and I needed a drink. Mum said lets go to the waterfall, so we walked back over the jumping stones and headed to the waterfall. The path dwindled into jaggy scrub. Poppys do not like Jaggy grass.

poppy the westie chasing waterfalls in Arran

On we went until we found a path. The path cut through lots of colours. Blue, white and pink, everywhere. At the waterfall I got to dip my paws in the cool water and had a big long drink. I needed that.

poppy the westie cooling down at waterfall with mum

Time to head back to Betsy. On the way we passed the smell from the morning I picked up my marker sent and found it. Dad was close and told me to get away from the big shape. Dad told mum it was a dead seal monster and he made me go away from it. When we got back I was so tiered I never even played with Buzz. So tiered.

poppy the westie going for draggys with mum

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