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Back to the island again

Today I got up late. I raised my head and scanned the bedroom, no mum no dad. It was hard to get up because I was between two pillows and the eiderdown was covering me , warm, cosy and comfortable. I eventually prised out of bed, big stretch, hop off bed and down the stairs. Dad was working on his computer so I left him alone and jumped up on the window ledge to see what was going on in the street.

After a while dad took off his glasses, which is his signal to me that he wants to play with me. So I jumped off the windowsill to play with dad. I had my breakfast, dad gave me two biscuits as well yum. Harness on lead on we were going out. We went into audi, where we going? We got out at the doctors, I don’t mind doctors. They smell like vets but nothing bad happens to me there. We didn’t go to doctors we went to the poppy shop. In the shop one of my cousins was there, he was bigger than me, we had a sniff but there was better smells in the shop. Four plastic tubs full of liver burgers and sausages sticks. It was irresistible I rubbed myself up and down both sides! Dad could not believe his eyes. Back to audi and home. Mum was there when we got back. Mum and dad were rushing about, bags went out to Betsy, the bins were emptied It could only mean one thing. Adventure!

Off we went in Betsy, soon we were on the motorway heading for Ayrshire where I was born. After an hour Betsy came to a halt. I remembered where we were, Addrossan. This could only mean one thing, we are going back to the Island! I have been to the Island twice before and it was great! Betsy was last to get eaten by the ferry’s big mouth. When we got to the dog seats they were all taken so we sat outside. It wasn’t long before we were leaving the ferry and landing on Arran. Betsy knew where she was going down the east coast to the very end and Seal Shore. She rested up on the exact same spot as the last two years, number 4.

Betsy the motorhome on pitch 4 at seal shore arran
Betsy the motorhome on pitch 4 at seal shore arran

I got my long lead on and made friends with a spaniel pup called Buzz. Mum and dad got Betsy into camp mode and we have arrived. A quick walk along the beach, play with the ball, dip my paws in the sea and I’m back. Back on my Island!

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