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Meeting Paul and Matt at MacGregor’s Inverness

Mum and dad put on their glad rags I had my new harness and posh lead as we went to the cabin. It was a nice sunny night in the highlands. When we got to the cabin a nice taxi driver was there to meet us. Into the cab and off. The taxi driver was quite chatty for the 15 min ride into town. He told us about the changes in Inverness over the last 10 years.

When we got to the pub it was very busy. Lots of legs everywhere, I was glad when dad took me to a table so I could get some space without the humansees troding on me. Mum got some drinks and bowl of water for me. After a few biscuits Paul and Matt came in. Lots of hugs all round. More drinks and biscuits foe me.

As Paul and mum were talking about schools, dad and Matt were talking about lots of things, Matt was telling dad about veterinary work he did in Romania when a Chinese started playing Scotland the brave on the piano while other Chinese people filmed it on their small screens. They were very noisy and we were all glad when the piano went to bed.

Dinner came and I was delighted when dad got steak, love it when dad gets steak. More of the amber drinks came to the table, Mum, Dad and Paul got louder and louder, Matt was still quiet, probably because he was drinking the black fizzy drink. The piano started again this time a highlander was playing Madness songs, I don’t think he was very good but he was better than Mum, Dad and Paul’s singing.

The night was coming to an end as we spilled into the street. Matt and Paul went off to find their car and we went on search of a taxi back to camp. We phoned the nice driver who dropped us off and 20 min later we were winging our way back to Betsy.

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