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Englandshire and the narrow boat

Today started normally, got up went a walk but lots of bags were going into mini. I was sure we were going on an adventure when I saw my toys getting loaded into mini. Sure enough we all bundeled into mini and we were off. We were going to englandshire. The skys were blue and if Mr sun did not have his hat on he shoul have. We stopped for supplies at a place called Aldi after that we got lost. Mum and dad started to snipe at each other but when we got to Tewitfield Marina and stopped the mood got better.

We were welcomed by a nice man and woman called June and Nick, I got pets from Nic. They put us on a strange blue boat called Duckling. The boat was not like any boat I have been on before and being nearly 3 and a half I have been on lots of boats. Inside this boat it was just like Betsy the motorhome but longer! June showed Mum and Dad how everything worked and dad who was a bit tense by now was going to get a driving lesson from Nick. Nick was good with dad though I could see dad was not convinced that Nic was telling the truth when he repeatedly told him he was a natural!

I am ready for anything

Nic parked the boat got off and we were on our own. I could tell dad was concentrating because he shouted Poppy down every time I tried to get his attention. Off we went puttering down the canal, under bridges beside ducklings, swans, cows and sheep. Occasionally dad would get all tense when another boat came in the opposite direction then he would calm when it passed. At a place called Carnforth there were lots of other boats parked up for the night and a pub right beside the canal was very busy, we just putted past. All of a sudden dad started to get worried and panicky we were coming to the end of the line, there was a road right in front of us! Nowhere to go. Dad hit reverse, and the engine roared, we started to slow down, he hit reveres again when a strange thing happened the road started to swing out of our way. As we got closer two young girls waved to us and dad shouted thanks to them.

dad you are looking the wrong way

A little further duckling slowed way down and nudged towards the side of the canal. At this point I noticed mum was at the pointy end of the boat and she jumped off! That’s not right, get back on mum I barked. After 10 min or so Mum was back on duckling and we could all get off.

After a few drinks we all went to a pub called the Hest Bank Inn. It was nice we stayed in the garden and I got to talk to other dogs mum and dad got some food I got some water. We stayed until it was dark, Mum had words with the manager something about no fish and chips. He came out to see us and mum and dad got free drinks! We headed back to Duckling. Dad got on first went to the back of duckling, opened the door, he then came through the middle of her and opened the front doors at the pointy end. This is the bit I dreaded. Mum picked me up and I was flying over the water. Poppys should never fly over water! Dad got me and put me down on duckling, much better. Time for bed!

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