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Steam Monster and Betsy gets Jailed

Steam monster & Betsy gets Jailed

Camp all packed up and we are away. First stop Fort William for breakfast, mmmmm Mc Donald’s egg, sausage and bacon YUM! Poppys love McDonaldsees! Not long after Betsy pulled into Glenfinnan, been here before but this time we didn’t go to the statue we went the other way. Where we going? So who is Harry Potter? Why we looking at a bridge?
We went under the bridge and climbed the other side. Lots of peoplsees were taking pictures of the bridge. I don’t get it, it’s an old bridge.
Time to leave the peoplsees behind so lets climb the hill. I stopped to see if I could see Betsy but she was out of sight.
On we went, by now all we could here where the birds, it was just us, the birds and the black butterflies that were everywhere in their hundreds.
poppy the westie looks over loch shiel
As we came down the hill we met the first peoplsees since the bridge. They won’t be going far. The path came to an end at a tunnel. I’ll check it out Dad.
poppy the westie hiding in a tunnel
No monsters in the tunnel we all got through safely.
poppy the westie on the other side
Where next? “Glenfinnan Station” said dad. We getting a train? Glenfinnan Station was old fashioned. I have not seen trolleys like this in a station before.
poppy the westie on trolly at glenfinnan
When I went inside, I got talking to a nice station peoplsee, she gave mum and dad platform tickets so they could get in.
poppy the westie in glenfinnan ticket office
It was a funny old station but at least I could have a wee rest after the walking.
poppy the westie in glenfinnan station
We made our way back to Betsy the easy way, no hills! Mum wanted to buy something and went into the shop. She came out with a confused look on her face. “No Internet” she said “Their tills don’t work”. Before going back to Betsy we climbed a small hill. Lots of peoplsees were up here. Suddenly I heard a screaming whistle, Grrrrrrrr whats that? A dragon is coming! WOO WOO WOO WOOF! Dragon, look Dragon! GRRRRRROUGH! ROUGH! ROUGH! ROUGH!
poppy the westie spots the hogwarts express
It must have seen me as it ran away. When we got back to Betsy something odd had happened! She couldn’t get out of the car park. Somebody had put a hight barrier and locked it tight with cable ties! Dad got out to look at it, Tourists started taking pictures of dad trying to free Betsy. Eventually dad got a step and a sharp knife to open the barrier. Why did they do that to Betsy Dad?
free Betsy
Betsy all free we were off again. Next stop was the Silver Sands Caravan Park, we passed Portnadoran where we stayed four years ago and pulled in just a little further on. Betsy got a great place to rest. Look dad Beach! Lets play ball!
poppy the westie first time on beach at silversands
We settled in for the night. My bedtime walk we wondered across the sand to the rocks, this will do for me.
poppy the westies bedtime walk silversands

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