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Goodbye Luss Forever


I woke up this morning sleeping on dad’s head Dads head is very comfy and warm. Mum was already up and about. Dad got me ready for my morning walk. The sun was shining and the grass was soft on my paws.

poppy the westie morning walk at loch lomond
Bye Bye bay

We walked around the empty tent fields at the far side of camp dad let me off lead. Lots of smells everywhere. In the distance I could see other dogs but they were on lead. Too far away for me to bother about. We went to the far bay and I nosed around for a bit I could smell the ducks but could not see them, sneaky ducks. I skipped back up to the field, other bay dad? It was the same story in the other bay I could smell them but couldn’t find them. How about the rock dad? Down the steps I went to the Lochside no ducks anywhere. Back to Betsy dad?

Last time I will be able to walk here

Back in Betsy dad put me on long lead because of the poodle in the van across the path from us. He thinks I’m going to beat it up, can’t be bothered this morning, a growl will do. Mum was putting everything away, this means Betsy is going to be on the move. Dad unplugged Betsy as the rain came on and we were off. Mum and dad were sad, They said we would never be able to come back here again because of bad peoplsees called Luss Estates. They were closing it down.

the dry before the storm

Betsy headed down the loch side and she was getting really wet. It was so wet no matter how fast her eyelashes went we could hardly see anything in front of us, she was finding it hard to keep in a straight line, Dad said it was as bad as Germany, close dad but no big bangs, the puddles were like ponds!

Over the big bridge we were going home. The rain eased and was off when we got home. Walks? Park? Ball?

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