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Bangers and Cash

Bangers and Cash

All packed up I did my last patrol of the camp before Betsy rolled out of camp. She followed the path the bus took and plodded into Scarborough. We were going to pick up the bench that mum bought from the old man on the sea front. Dad said he wouldn’t be there and it looked as if he was right until he came round the corner on his bike. We squeezed the bench into Betsy and rolled onto the front and soon Scarborough was a distant memory.

She headed into the countryside along wee windey roads until she came to a halt in a pretty small village. We piled out and went to explore. Dad wanted to see an old garage. According to him it was very famous. So famous it had its own TV program. Mmmm I think they need to up their security.

poppy the westie bangers and cash yard

We had a sniff around and I found more garages, there must be good stuff in this one.

poppy the westie outside dereks man cave

On the main road the garage even had a shop. I was not impressed. No Poppys allowed. So me and Dad staid outside while mum went in. Don’t know what they sell but mum bought something anyways.

poppy the westie outside mathewsons

A man told dad about where they keep all the cars. So back to betsy it was. The cars were held in huge sheds, mum saw a mini she liked. I was all car’d out and feeling peckish. Can we go get fishees now? We went back to the village where mum went to the Fishees and yips shop. Poppys loves fishees in batter. Game of Ball?

poppy the westie playing ball in thornton le dale

The village was small but had lots of good smells

poppy the westie in thornton le dale

All was good until the noise. TRING Tring Ring ring ring. Mum Dad we have out to get out of here NOW! I pulled and pulled soon dad got the message and I dragged him back to the safety of Betsy. That was close dad. Mum and dad just don’t understand the danger that the noise is telling them. Betsy woke up and soon she was offski.

After a long drive she pulled into a farm, I recognised it, we have been here before. It was Robin Hood’s Bay. Mmmmm lots of nice walks and great smells here. Betsy went for a rest and we settled in for the night.  

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