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The three welly walk

The three welly walk

Betsy is getting a day off today and we spent the morning chilling in the sunshine. As the sun got higher in the sky a spot of lunch was called for.

Poppy the westie and Mum at camp in Salen Mull 2022

“Ok” said mum “let’s go for a walk.” Where you want to go? “How about up there”, Mum was pointing to a hill across the bay. Dad looked at the walk, “mmmm, three welly boots could be boggy, but it has been dry though” he said. “OK its decided said” Mum. I looked at Mum then dad giving them my best ‘you are kidding’ look. They weren’t. I’m not going, I’m just not. Off they went. I’m still not going….Huff, I better go, they will only get into trouble without me.

Poppy the westie dragging her paws in Salen Mull 2022

The village was busy with peoplsees out having coffees and cakes sitting in the sun at tables by the side of the road. We passed by them saying good morning as we passed. At the end of the village I found some old fishing trawlers, now this I must investigate.

Poppy the westie investigates trawlers at Salen 2022

Time to get some height. The path was easy as we started to climb. It was nice and shady with a cooling breeze of the sound of Mull. Up and up we went. I even found a nice spot to keep cool half way up.

Poppy the westie above Salen Bay 2022

In the distance I could see a boat, Is that the ferry we got last year from Barra? “Yes Poppy, that’s the one, remember it broke down?” said dad. Mmm that was a long boat ride.

Aros castle and the sound of Mull

In the next field I got a familiar smell. Sniff sniff, I smell beast. Dad there is a beast about, better be careful. Spotted him! Sneaky beast is hiding but cant escape from my nose. Hurry better get to other side of fence.

The locals at Salen 2022

As the path levelled off we came to a farm, dad had to lift me because beasts make paths mucky, and mucky paths make mucky Poppys.

Poppy the westie on farm track above salen

Mum and Dad pondered which way to go at the farm. Eventually after much discussion we went straight through the followed a path further up the hill. The path started to get a wee bit boggy, “Good job it’s not been raining recently” said dad as he picked me up to keep me clean. Not far to the top now.

Poppy the westie on cairn above Salen

At the top we had views over the sound and you could see the sea on both sides of the island.

Poppy the westie on old iron age fort above salen

What goes up must come down and get back to camp. Well easier said than done. The path turned to bog. The further we went the boggier it got. Soon I was boggin. I even nearly got stuck in the stuff, dad nearly lost his boot! Good job you weren’t wearing your trainies. It was even boggy in the forrest.

Poppy the westie two tone in salen woods Mull 2022

Mum and dads route map had suffered instruction malfunction, it was wanting us to go the opposite direction from camp. We came to a clearing and could see the road to Salen way down at the bottom of a the hill. We were lost. Time to trust the super sniffer.

lost on the hills of Mull

I led Mum and Dad through the forest back to the village. You just wouldn’t let them out by themselves. Back at camp dad had to clean his boots they were covered in muck.

muddy boot from Salen Hill bog

No sooner than he finished his gaze caught mine…. NO, NO I know what that look means NO Poppys doesn’t want showers! Bad evil DAD.

Poppy the westie resting on a sunny morning at Salen

I was not happy and went for a right good sulk as I dried off in the shade.

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