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Poppy bags Iona

Poppy bags Iona

Up early and so was Betsy, she awoke with a roar and started to trundle out of camp. She went the same way as we had come from the ferry but when she got to Craignure where the ferry lands she kept on going. Mmmm no ferry today them. On to the wee roads she trundled through the countryside, through glens, over hills and beside lochs. At one point dad got into a barney with a woman over a passing place, she had one to many red smarties eh Dad. Betsy came to rest at Fionnphort. Mum joined a que as Dad tried to buy breakfast. He came back empty handed, “No rolls so no roll in scallops and black pudding for breakfast”. At least we got on the boat Dad.

Looking north towards Fingals Cave

We looked over the side, dad said you could see all the way to Staffa where Fingal the giant lives in a cave. It was a short ferry ride and soon we were on Iona. Mum went to get some pieces for breakfast as me and dad chilled on the pier.

Poppy the Westie on Iona pier

Brecky on the beach? Sounds like a plan. Fed and watered let’s explore. We went up the main street and found an old ruin. I went through the gate and found a great place to play ball.

Poppy the Westie in the old nunnery on Iona

I don’t know what a nunnery is but they are great for climbing and playing ball.

Poppy the Westie on wall at Iona nunnery

We wondered along the wee road in the sunshine. It felt like a happy place, nice smells and the morning sun was warming my coat. Look Dad, a stone park, can we go in?

Poppy the Westie and Iona Abbey

Dad wanted to visit somebody, who is this John Smith guy? Dad said he was a sad loss.

Poppy the Westie on John Smiths grave

Mum didn’t fancy going into the Abbey, neither did I, Poppys are not usually too welcome in abbeys. How about we climb the hill? The hill looked small but got bigger and bigger as we started to climb.

Poppy the Westie on top of Dun I

At the top you could see for miles! I could see all the way to the paps of Jura, Skye, Coll and Rum. Look down there, it’s the abbey. Look Look Look Dad, Beach! Can we go can we?

Poppy the Westie on Dun I with Mull in background

Back down the hill we followed the track till the end. There we crossed some paths and made our way to the sea. Hurry, I need to cool my paws! Dad you should come in the waters warm.

Poppy the Westie on beach at Iona

Dad wouldn’t come in, but it didn’t stop other peoplesees who were splashing and playing in the water. Dad, ye’re jist a big feartie cat.

Poppy the Westie in water at Iona

It was time to make tracks. One last game of ball? Look I have found an empty bit of beach.

Poppy the Westie looking for ball on Iona

Mum was adamant, “Time to go Poppy”. Mmmm suppose so. Back over the fields and onto the long track back to the village.

Poppy the Westie on long road back from the beach

Back in the village we got there just as the ferry started to leave. Huh! we could have stayed longer at the beach. Might as well explore. Mum, look at this wee Post Office, a Post Office on a beach? That’s a first.

Poppy the Westie outside post office in Iona

Since we have to wait, we might as well have a picnic. Plonking down on the beach mum got food from here bag to the sound of a boat peoplesee selling boat trips to Staffa. £30 sound a bit steep to me Dad. This is a nice place for a picnic, sun, sea, sand and HAM.

Poppy the Westie waiting for picnic Iona

Dad looks like the ferry has left just enough time for another game of ball. Can we Dad? Can we?

Poppy the Westie playing ball on Iona

On the other side we had to try the food at the Creel Shack. The squidees were magic. Mum loved the chips and Dad loved the scallops, no black pudding though. Time to get back to camp. Betsy had a daft idea. She decided to go the scenic route back. Well I hate to tell you this Betsy, your big and this road is tiny. It’s going to be a long journey back to camp.

wee road back to salen

It took a long time but eventually we made it back to camp. The rest of the day was easy. We sat outside and watched the sky change colour as the sun went to bed and the moon woke up.  

Sunset over camp at Salen Day 3
Sunset over sound of mull day 3
end of day 3 at salen

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