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Bye Salen Bye Mull

Bye Salen Bye Mull

The sky was blue above but in Betsy Mum was not well. She was very ill last night. Today we are going home. Nobody told me I can just always tell. I can’t put my paw on it but I can always tell. Mum  lay in the van I went out to give her some peace. Nice day eh dad? Look over there that’s the trawlers we went past yesterday.

Dead Trawlers in Salen Bay

Dad started to get Betsy ready for the off, I said my goodbyes to Sally the Staffie, she was in the next pitch to us. Sally’s nice, I will miss her. I plodded to the front of Betsy and had one last look across the bay towards Aros Castle. I looked at Dad, time to go.

Aros Castle

Betsy took it really easy going down to the ferry to help poor Mum out. She left early because there was going to be a bike race round the island this morning. Funny when we got to Craignure we never saw any. Dad, I have just realised, this is the first time we have come to Mull and not gone to Tobermory. The lines started to fill with cars and vans as Mum went for a lie down in the back, it was not for long because soon the ferry was at the pier.

MV Isle of Mull

Betsy trundled into the mouth of the ferry, we all sat outside in the sunshine. The ferry cleared the port and its big engines got up to speed as she headed away from the island. Bye Bye Mull see you soon.

Poppy the westie looking back to Mull

We sailed down the Coast of mull before the ferry turned inland after the dangerous waters off Lismore.

Duart Castle on Mull

The ferry was now on the Atlantic Ocean. “Look Poppy, you can see Jura in the distance,” said Dad. It’s been a wee while since we have been there. I nudged Mum, she looked a wee bit better. I let her know I was there and lay at her feet.

Looking over the atlantic to Jura

Soon the ferry slowed and we were coming back into Oban. The ferry told us to get back to Betsy.

Balloemore Island near Oban

The journey home was easy. Well, it was until roadworks. First before The Rest and be Thankful. Then At The Rest and be Thankful and worse nose to tale from Tarbet all the way to Balloch. It was good to get home, but I wish we had stayed in Mull.

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