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Three Cliffs and Pobble Beach

Three Cliffs and Pobble Beach

A new day for new adventures and today its beaches and castles. After breaky we left the campsite and headed down through Penmaen to the coast. Its not as windy here as it is at the top eh mum? Are we going to that big beach?

We took the easy path down to the shore but how do we get there? There was a river between us and the beach. I plodded about, too deep for Poppys, then I found a way, look stones.

poppy the westie crosses pennard pill

Once across only one thing to do with a beach like this BALL. Dad why is there a hole in the cliff?

poppy the westie going to pobbels beach

To get to the hole we had to clamber over some very slippy rocks, so slippy even my four paw drive struggle and lost a paw a few times. Good job I have four.

When we got to the hole it was very windy to get through. Mr wind was blowing my earsees flat.

poppy the westie in the wind tunnel 3 cliffs

Once we got through there was a hole new other beach. “This is Pobbles Beach Poppy” said mum. I don’t know who Pobbles is but its Poppys Beach today!

poppy the westie plying on pobbles beach

After a good game of ball I noticed the sea had gone out enough to get to the other beach without going through the hole in the cliff. When we got there the beach had got bigger!

poppy the westie on three cliffs bay beach

Ball Ball Ball

poppy the westie plying ball at three cliffs

I went for a plod next to the shore, Mr Sun suddenly went into hiding. Where did Mr Sun go Mum? Mum decided we should go on and when we got to the sand dunes Mr Sun came out to play again.


poppy the westie at the shore three cliffs bay

Where are we going next? “We are going to a castle poppy” said Mum. Mmmm Wales sure has a lot of castles, oh OK then which way?

signpost at three cliffs

Up and up the hill we went, mum had to go really slowly and had to stop lots because she was still not well.

poppy the westie above the dunes at three cliffs bay

A little further we had to stop again, this time a little longer, poor Mum.

poppy the westie on bench above three cliffs

As we reached the brow I saw the castle! Mum, Dad, hurry up a castle all to ourselves!

poppy the westie at Pennard Castle

What castle is this Dad? “This is called Pennard Castle Poppysocks” he said. Poppys likes Pennard Castles. “It needs a bit of work dad” I said while looking at a big crack in the wall, “long way down there”. Dad shouted “No Poppy, come here now!” I wasn’t going to jump.

long way down at Pennard Castle

Other peoplesees came into the castle, time for us to go. We left the castle to go to a hamlet called Parkmill where mum wanted to buy some food. Getting there was not as easy as it should have been. Dad talked to a peoplesee on a bench and he told him how to get there. We went along the side of the golf course then down through some woods till we came to a bridge. Well I was over it in a shot. Dad caught me and put leash on me.

poppy the westie leaves Pennard Castle

It wasn’t hard I liked the shop. Poppys were allowed in it. The peoplesee in the shop use to be the mum of one of my cousins, she was nice and gave me lots of pets. Mum bought some Posh Gower Coffee and we sat on the bench outside the shop for a nice picnic in the sun.

Picnic over it was time to get back to Betsy. We crossed the road and found a path that took us through the woods and up into the fields behind Betsy. Mr Wind had come out to play at the camp and a lot of peoplesees moved to the lower camp. Later hailstones fell from the sky, turned the grass white and made a terrible noise as they crashed into Betsy. Don’t worry Poppy, Betsy will keep us safe and warm” said Mum. I hope they go away before my night time walk.

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