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Going to The Gower

Going to The Gower

We broke camp early and parked in the street outside the butchers, Mum was getting nice things to eat. Goodies in fridge we were on the road again. Betsy was not well and she also needed a big drink of diesel. We rolled into a city called Swansea. The first place we stopped couldn’t help her no parts for Betsy. The second place she stopped at had no diesel. The next place was right in the middle of town, she had to wait in a big line but at least she managed eventually to get a drink! After an age she found a place that had blinkers and bits to make her see backwards. Time to leave Swanseas.

Betsy rolled out of the city on a road beside the sea and came to a place called The Mumbles. Mmmm funny name. Mum saw some shops to look at but Betsy couldn’t find a place to rest. Right at the end of town she found a space. Mum said we were coming here for lunch, good, coz I’m starving. I was allowed off leash all the way to the Seafood Hut.

poppy the westie at the Mumbles.JPG

Mum put in an order for food, we waited by the sea until it was ready.

Poppy the westie at Swansea Bay

As luck would have it just as our food was ready a couple of peoplesees left the only table so we sat down for lunch. Lunch was great, I got squidees, my favourite! Mum and dad got lots of nice stuff, too much, so they packed some for later.

poppy the westie at the seafood hut the mumbles

The Mumbles is a nice wee seaside town. As we explored I even found another castle! After a good game of ball it was time to go back. We walked along the front, off leash happy Poppys.

poppy the westie at Mumbles Castle

Betsy took us to a couple of nearby beaches but time was getting on and it was time to go to our new campsite. Betsy all hooked up we went to explore our new camp. I likes Three Cliffs Campsite.

poppy the westie first day at three cliffs

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