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Oxwich Bay and Mr Wind

Oxwich Bay and Mr Wind

I woke up today and the sun was shining. Dad took me for a walk around camp. Mr wind was having the time of his life. Today we are going to Oxwich Bay for a big game of ball on the beach. To get there we must go to the same beach as yesterday and climb the dunes on this side. We went to the edge of the campsite to plan our route. Enough planning lets go!

poppy the westie susses out route to oxwich

Down we went, we didn’t have to cross the stepping stones but crossing the dunes was tricky, and steep. Taking it slow for mum we got to the top. I saw a gate and waited. Normally we go through gates. Dad what does the sign on the gate say? “It says always shut the gate” said dad. “Why?”

poppy the westie at gate near oxwich

On we went stopping because of mums long covidsees. Poor Mum. I looked back and could see where we were yesterday.

poppy the westie looking back to camp at 3 cliffs

We followed the path till we had a choice, mum and dad decided not to follow the one that went down. Why we not go to the beach dad? “That’s not the beach we are going to Poppy, If we go to that one we will have to come back up again. It does look nice though” said Mum. Oh OK then

quiet beach near oxwich

The path went on and on sometimes being enclosed by the bushes on each side. When it opened we could see Oxwich beach. Looks good dad but how do we get down there?

poppy the westie sees Oxwich beach

Look a path! That must take us to the beach. Down we wen through the trees and bushes to the sand dunes and the beach. When we got there all was not well. Mr Wind had claimed the beach as his playground and was whipping up the sand to stop us. It was working, every time I opened my eyesees he was at it again.

poppy the westie hits Oxwich beach

Dad picked me up to stop the sand from blasting my eyesees. He carried me for ages. Every time it looked ok and he put me down Mr Wind came after me. Dad carried me across the river in the middle of the beach where Mr Wind couldn’t whip up the sand no matter how he tried.


poppy the westie out of the wind at Oxwich

It got better for the rest of the way along the beach even got to play a wee bit of ball but nasty Mr Wind even tried to steel that! Mum went looking for a place to have a picnic. As we did I found a church with a stone park, we didn’t go in because mum had found a bench for a picnic.

poppy the westie at church in Oxwich

As we got ready some peoplsees said there was a much better bench further up the path. They were right, No Mr Wind, Mum and Dad could see the bay and it was basked in Sunshine so I could sunbathe. After picnic we had to go to the stone park. Dad, Mum, stone park! The stone park was at St Illtyd’s Church. A peoplesee was working cleaning a stone so I had to be on good behaviour. He was there looking after war graves. Mmmm don’t know about that but it spoiled my game of ball.

poppy the westie leaves stonepark Oxwich

We started to head home, as soon as I got on the beach I met one of my cousins called Hector. He was young, daft and needed a hair cut. I looked to where we had come from, It’s a long way back. Especially with poor Mum.

poppy the westie heads home from Oxwich

It was much easier going back because Mr Wind was behind us and couldn’t blow the sand into our eyesees. He did blow it everywhere else though. I was getting heavier and heavier, I also started to change colour! Mum, Dad, I have turned into a cairn!

poppy the westie sand blasted

Mum this is where we came in, we should be going this way. I walked to the dunes but dad said “Poppy we are going a better way, come on Tink, the tide has gone out.” What’s a tide and where did it go and what has that got to do with price of mince? We came in this way.

poppy the westie wants off Oxwich beach

As we got to the end of the beach, there it was, the beach from this morning and we didn’t have to swim to get there. It was also hidden from Mr Wind so I got to play ball!

poppy the westie finds the secerate beach

Mum looked at the path up the cliff and told Dad we should get a move on. Up we went stopping often and taking more than one look back to beach.

Oxwich hidden beach

At the top Mum was adamant. She was not going back the way we came. “No way am I doing the dunes and the path back up to camp” she said. We headed across the fields to the road. This was OK until we got to the road at Nicholaston where I got put on nasty leash, grrrrrrrr. Pretty soon we were in Penman and took a short cut to Betsy across the fields. Mr Wind had gone away so I went to the cliff to have one last peak.

poppy the westie last look at 3 cliffs

I can always tell when we will be moving on, Poppy sense dad calls it.

poppy the westie at camp in three cliffs

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