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Three boats back home

Three boats back home

Today we are going home and are booked on the afternoon ferry from Arran to Ardrossan. Sounds easy but to get to Brodic Betsy has to catch two other ferries. To make sure we get there in time Betsy went to que early. So early we had breky while we were on the slip way. Dad got out with the dishes and went back to camp to wash them. Still we had pleany of time so I went out for a last walk along the bay.

poppy the westie waiting for ferry to kintyre

The que was starting to build so I went back to make sure we were ready to go. Mum, Dad better get up front I can see the ferry coming.

poppy the westie hay the ferrys comming

Soon the ferry was next to the slipway, they don’t hang about you know.

the MV Lochranza

And we were off, we jumped up stairs to get our last glimps of Gigha.

Gigha from the ferry

On the other side Betsy was making good time until we came on to the wee road that takes us to Claonaig to get the next ferry to Lochranza. It was a bit slower but yet again we were the first in the que.

Claonaig slipway

Loads of time to spare time for a wee plod along the beach.

Claonaig beach

All abord ferry number two.

poppy the westie leaving Claonaig

It wasn’t long before we were half way across and saw dark and cloudy Lochranza.


comming to Arran from Claonaig

Betsy was of first and started to speed her way to Brodick. When we got there we could take our time going to the Ferry terminal. Betsy was the last to be loaded onto the ferry. When we got on the doggie area was very busy. Dad took me outside for some fresh air. Dad I can see Ardrossan, we will be home soon. This was a good adventure.

poppy the westie on Arran Ferry

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