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Smoke a kipper I’ll be back for supper

Smoke a kipper I’ll be back for supper

I woke up this mornin with the sent of smoke in my nose. Mmmm something on fire. When I got to the door I saw it. Dad, you know how we are going to the boathouse for dinner? We might want to make other plans. “Ahy” said dad. Look dad, the Boathouse is on fire. “Don’t worry Poppy they are just smoking salmon” he said. Mmmmmm smoked salmonsees for dinner tonight then.

smoking kippers for breakfast

After breaky we went for a plod to the other bit of the island. A path beside the camp led that way. I have never been this way before so hopefully get some new smalls.

looking to kintyre from gigha

The path was nice and dry so no onesie for me. It was easy going and hugged the coast, perfect for a good nose around.

poppy the westie on the north west of gigha

After a while the path left the coast and headed inland where it joined the main road on the island. I really could not be bothered. Why we on this road? Where we go?

poppy the westie has walked enough gigha

It went on and on and on. Mum Dad? I’m board. Why we walk this road? Can we just not go back to camp and get Betsy to take us along it?

poppy the westie are we there yet gigha

They saw sense we walked back to the village where we picked up some lunch at the Nook. Fishees Yum. We all had a lazy day in camp. Dad did get energetic when he got up to buy Lobsters from the wee van across from Betsy. “That will be nice in the Mac n Cheese tomorrow” he said.

We left Betsy to go for dinner at the Boathouse. You could see Betsy from the table we were given.

view from the boathouse at dusk gigha

Mum and dad sat down for drinks and I went for a wee nose about the place. Its been three years since I was last here, I hope dinner is as good as the lunch I had here last time.


poppy the westie enters the boathouse gigha

Dinner came for Mum and Dad. I wasn’t impressed, where’s mine? The Nice waitress brought me some water and gave me a biscuit. Mmmmm Biscuit? Na your alright I’ll wait for my smoke salmonsees.


poppy the westie waits for dinner in the boat house

It was nice to walk off dinner. We left the table and went down to the shore. Easy plod back to Betsy Ahy Dad?

after diner strole back to betsy gigha

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