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Dad stopped work early today. We must be going on adventures because mum had been going beck and forth to Betsy. Sure enough he packed up his computer and we all piled into Bestsy and were off. She took us out of the city and soon passed Stirling with its castle and tower. Then all of a sudden she pulled off the main road and started to wind through the country side. All of a sudden BANG! “What the hell was that!” said Dad. Mum looked back, “Can’t see anything”, she said. “Must have been a chair falling over”. Betsy kept going till she crossed a bridge and found her resting place for the weekend That’s when we found out what the bang was, Glass everywhere. The bit of glass by the cooker had exploded into a million pieces. Mum quickly cleared the glass. Time to explore? Lets check out the camp.

poppy the westie at crief campsite

We left camp and headed into town. On the way there dad decided to go the scenic rout so I could go off leash. All was going well till dad asked a woman for directions to the town centre, that’s when it happened her four dogs had a go at me, I’m outa here dad, move it. The rest of the walk was uneventful and we came out at the bottom of the town centre.

poppy the westie with cows in crieff

After a pleasant walk about the town we headed back to Betsy. Timing was everything by the time we got back to cam the sky started to cry. Boy how did it cry. The crying was bad enough but poppys get scared when the sky starts to shout. BANG! BANG! BANG! I started to shake, make it stop Dad.

poppy the westie hides from big bangs in crieff

The next day all was well, the plan was to go for a walk up a hill at the back of the town. Mr sun was out to play and the sky had calmed down since yesterday. We walked through the town to a posh hotel called Crieff Hydro. Dad are hydros not power stations, no?

poppy the westie at crieff hydro

Behind the hydro we climbed through some trees upwards and upwards. Sometimes the trees would clear enough to see the town.

view of crieff from the knock

At the top all the trees had vanished and it was a great spot for a game of ball.

poppy the westie ontop of the knock of crieff

We explored for a bit having a rest before going back down the hill through the woods.

poppy the westie and the view north of crieff

At the bottom I came across a huge horsee. Not sure about this one Mum. In town Dad tried to buy a shirt but they didn’t have his size, he also went to buy some daft juice. Again, as we got back to Betsy the sky started to weep again. It cryed so much Dad cancelled diner and we got a Chinese takeaway delivered to camp.


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