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I was tiered this morning it took ages for me to get up. When I did I soon woke up. Dad took me out for dawn patrol when I spotted squirrelsees, not grey but RED. GRRRRROUGH!  ROUGH! ROUGH! ROUGH! Let me at him dad, I’ll get him. Nothing like a squirrelsees hunt to rase an appetite! Mum seemed happier to see me eat.

Poppy the westie sleeping in Betsy Peschiera

Another day another boat, this time it was called the M N Trento. It was a good boat because I could get off leash at the pointy end of it.

Poppy the westie on the M N Trento Lake Garda

Trento left the pier and headed into the lake passing by our campsite, we’re going to a different side of the lake then.

The campsite at Peschiera

On and on it went I discovered lots of good smells when I stuck my head over the side, it was cooler too.

Poppy the westie looking out at Lake Garda

Trento turned and started to head for a castle on an island. Are we going there Mum? “Yes Poppy that’s Sirmione.” One thing puzzled me, If we are going there why is ferry passing by it? Ferry passed the island but then came back on the other side.

Sirmione Lake Garda

We were the first ones off the ferry, look Dad all this is ours.

Poppy the Westie in the square on Sirmione

I started to explore the old town, off leash all was good till this yappy aggressive little spoiled doggie decided to have a go. Well I turned and gave it what for, nothing messes with a West Highland White.

Poppy the westie in back streets of Sirmione

Dad put me back on leash, but dad it no ma fault, he started it! It wasn’t long before we left the towns walls and I was free again. Lets go for a plod round the island.

Poppy the westie walking round Sirmione

It was path most of the way, when it came to an end we had to go up hill. At the top there were water taps, mum and dad filled up their bottles and I got a full bowl of cool water. Since we were up here we might as well explore the old church. Peoplesees thought it was funny that Dad took photos of me

Poppy the westie takes a break at Church of San Pietro in Mavino - Sirmione

We plodded back into town. It was getting busy. How about we go into the flower café? Just at that moment it was full of peoplesees, maybe not then.

Poppy the Westie outside cafe in Sirmione

It was heating up when we went to explore the castle, the main path was mobbed because it was also used by cars. Who would be so stupid as to drive a car here dad? The number plate had a B on it. Let’s go the quiet way.

Poppy the westie explores lunch options at Sirmione

When in Rome and all, we completely ignored the signpost saying “NO POPPYS” and cut through the castle. By now the town was rammed packed with peoplesees. Bit busy Dad, we found a quiet spot next to a church to decide what we wanted to do. The next ferry was four hours away.

Poppy the Westie finds shade in Sirmione

Mum decided we should get the bus so we left the old town and the masses and found the tourist information. When dad came out he was raging. You were a wee while Dad. Dad swore, a lot. From what I could suss, an old English peoplesee thought that tourist information meant Post Office or checkout till and was gabbing for ages about weather and future holidays and where the nearest market was because he had to buy a belt???

We got the bus back, the driver forced me to wear nasty muzzle, bad driver. When we got off it was roasting, I mean really roasting. The pavement was too hot to walk on so Dad helped me out. Good job I’m wee eh dad. The rest of the afternoon was lazy days at camp.

Poppy the westie back it camp from Sirmione

After dinner we went to explore our bit of Peschiera.

Poppy the westie goes to Braccobaldo Beach

Still the peoplesees had a fascination for the pier, this time it was the ideal place to take selfies.

the pier at sunset on Braccobaldo beach

After the pier we passed a small restaurant, looks good in there mum. Mum agreed she thought it would be nice to eat out side, maybe the last night here. On we went all the way to the end, nothing much up here, back?

Poppy the westie at pier Braccobaldo

On the way back I noticed that somebody had lost their shoes. Dad should we hand them in? “Where would we hand them into Poppy?” Oh, good point I suppose.

lost shoes at Braccobaldo

Mr Sun had almost went to bed when we got back to our beach, we watched him go as we lay on the beach. Early night tonight, we have Kayaking tomorrow.

poppy the westie at sunset Peschiera

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