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Paddling around Peschiera

Paddling around Peschiera

For some weird reason we were all up early this morning, maybe it was because we had to get kayak ready, no matter I saw dawn for the first time this holybags. Breacky?

Sunrise at Pecheria

Kayak all blown up we took it down to the shore. Dad started to paddle us into town. Dad said it was quicker than trying to walk me there and we should have done this all week. He was right. In no time we were at the pier where the ferry boats leave from. Quick Dad paddle fast a ferry might come in.

Poppy the westie paddling into Pecheria

Past the pier we went into the middle of town, Dad didn’t even need to paddle as kayak bobbed down the main canal.

Poppy the westie bobbing down the canal Di Mezzo Pecheria

She bobbed under the main bridge where we met our neighbours in their kayaks. Fancy seeing you here. They had a kayak each, wouldn’t work for Poppys. Poppys don’t paddle. We said goodbys and went round the back of the moat. It was green and quiet.

Poppy the westie floating round Pecherias Moat

At the next corner it changed again. A bridge crossed the moat to the entrance of the castle. Is this the bridge to Brescia Gate? “I think so Poppy” said Dad. We will have to go there tomorrow.

Poppy the westie and the Ponte di Porta Brescia

One thing I noticed on moats, you get some weird birds. Pigeons? none. Crows? none, Seagulls? none. But what the hell is this! Its huge. Even taller than a swan.

strange bird in Pecheria

When we came back to the start Dad wanted to bob through the main canal one more time, well he is the one that’s doing the paddling. It was very pleasant.

Poppy the westie looking at the bistros on Canal di Mezzo

Mum decided she wanted to see the other half and the marina so off we went. This was probably a stretch too much for dad, he had to work hard to get back to open water and when we did we got a visit from the water police. They ticked us off for paddling where the bi boats play and told us to get back to shore…..quickly. Poor Dad. Soon we were back to our beach.

Poppy the westie going back to camp

That afternoon Dad packed up Kayak and we started to get ready for a night out in town. We were going to a place called the Bella Vista. It was a nice place and it had a nice view. Dad liked his beers and mum liked the food. I liked the amount of space I had, oh and dentistcks in kong.

Poppy the Westie and Mum at Bella Vista Pecheria

It was still light as we plodded home. We walked along the lake side soaking up the cool breeze. It was a very balmy night but it felt nice.

Poppy the westie at beach outside Camping Cappuccini

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