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Kintyre Secret Beach

Kintyre secret beach

Wakey wakey shakey wakey, big stretch, open eyesees. Blue sky everywhere. I jumped out of bed and went to the door. What’s that? “We are in Kintyre Poppy, it’s the mist rolling in from the sea” said Dad. Oh OK then.

mist on the sea kintyre

Betsy was sunbathing, good idea Betsy I think we should have breaky outside, can we mum?

betsy beach front at caradale

Today we are taking to the water. Dad got kayak ready and had taken it down to the shore. I had my life jacket on so was good to go. Mum jumped in first, Dad flew me over the water and onto her lap. Time to push off dad. He jumped in and we were off. Kayak went straight out of Carradale Bay and into The Kilbrannan Sound. It was perfect in Kayak, the breeze from the sea kept us cool as the world bobbed by. Paddling along I spotted a beach. Look Dad a secret beach!

poppy the westie finds secret beach

Let’s land and explore it.  As kayak slid onto the sand I jumped to the front and launched myself onto the sand. This beach is magic so good to run on.

poppy the westie hits the secret beach

Mum and dad pulled kayak up the beach, hurry up let’s explore our own private beach

poppy the westie on secret beach

I plated ball to the end of the beach, it wasn’t huge but the sand was nice and the water cool and clear. Look mum there’s Arran and you can just see Paddy’s Milestone.

view from secret beach argyle

Mum and dad paddled at the waters edge looking across to the island. I was getting hungry. Mum? Dad? Picnic?

poppy the westie and kayak on secret beach

Suddenly my nose started to twitch, what’s that smell, I went to explore. “Poppy thought you wanted picnic?” said dad. Mmmm Picnic!

poppy the westie running on secret beach

We sat on the beach and ham and cheesees. Mum and dad washed it down with a can of coke I had a cool bowl of water. I walked to wards kayak and looked back at mum and dad, time to go?

poppy the westie goes back to kayak on secret beach

Mum and Dad were slow on the uptake I thought I would give them a better hint. I jumped into kayak, time to go?

poppy the westie in kayak on secret beach

Off we set, Dad was paddling against the water, he wanted to go one way the water wanted us to go another. Me I didn’t care. Its nice sitting in kayak watching the world drift by. Soon we passed the headland and could here the peoplesees on the beach at camp.

poppy the westie in kayak caradale bay

SPLASH! Dad what was that? Quick paddle to where the river turns the sea brown.

poppy the westie spots divers at waterfoot

At the mouth of the river peoplesees were throwing them selves off the steep banks and into the river! What they doing that for? Should we go save them? Peoplesees just should not be doing that. “It’s OK Poppy, they are doing it because its hot, and they are young and daft”said Dad. Mmmm young and daft explains it I suppose.

poppy the westie barking at divers in waterfoot

We got back to Betsy and let kayak dry off in the sun. It was still warm so we picked up some supplies and went back to the beach.

Mum? Dad? What’s the occasion? You don’t normally drink the fancy stuff at the beach? “We just bought down stairs, the whole garden is yours now Poppy” said Mum. All of the garden? Mine is a dentistick!

poppy the westie celebrates in caradale bay

 Look mum its my big cousin Rory. “On you go, Say hello” said mum

poppy the westie and cousin rory on caradale beach

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