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Island Hopping to Carradale

Island Hopping to Carradale

This week I was confused. If I didn’t know any better I would say we were going on an adventure, But it’s a Wednesday? Mum came back from work early an soon we were off. As soon as Betsy pulled into Ardrossan I knew where we were going, Arran.

poppy the westie on the back on the dunoon ferry

As we were going across the Firth of Clyde the peoplesees got excited because porpoises were playing with the ferry. Seen them before what I was watching was Arran. I have never seen it looking like this before.

arran ferry in the mist

Soon we were close and the ferryman told us to get back to Betsy.

arran brodick

Betsy rolled off and into Brodick. Mum wanted to pick up supplies and go to a shop to buy some outdoor clothes. Mmmm I don’t think she will need storm coats this week. Never mind at least she got me a carrot. Betsy was off again. She headed up the coast then crossed the hills at the top of the island and into Lochranza. I know this camp well and something was missing. Sniff, sniff sniff sniff. No Deersees.  It was nice in the camp, everybody was sitting out enjoying the sun, well that was until the midges came and chased them all back to their tents and vans.

poppy the westie overnihting at lochranza

Next morning Betsy was up and off early. Soon we were in a Que to get a ferry to Kintyre. Mum and dad were working while waiting for the ferry to come. Betsy got a good spot on the ferry, she would be first off. This made mum very happy because she wanted to make sure Betsy would have a place to rest at Skipness.

leaving lochranza

The ferry ride was nice, Mr wind couldn’t find us so it was warm as we crossed the water.

poppy the westie going to Argyle

Betsy got off and turned right. That could only mean one thing. Fishees for lunch! Betsy hogged the wee road all the way to Skipness to make sure she had a place to rest. It was too early for lunch so we plodded by the castle to the beach. Dad look we can take a short cut on the way back.

seafood shack from the beach

I was excited, Poppys love being on beaches and this beach was special because we would be the only ones on it. I was running around like a dafty till I noticed something, a wee boat was coming into my beach! Grrrrrrrrr, what you doing? This is my beach!

poppy the westie at skipness beach

Oh well, suppose we better go get some lunch then, they will probably try and steal our table there as well. Look dad pools to explore.

poppy the westie explores pools at skipness

On the way back I saw the old church, It’s been a long time since I played there and the gate was open. “Poppy where do you think your off to?” said Dad. Poppys don’t think, Poppys knows. Stone park, Ball!

poppy the westie in doorway of skipness chapel

The church and stone park was great for ball, you can even go climbing in this church.

poppy the westie climed to window of skipness chapel

We took the shortcut to the seafood shack and din dins was great! Smoked salmon, gravadlax, mackerel pate and cooked salmons YUM! It was very busy. Peoplsees had to que for a table. Some couldn’t even get their cars a space. Clever old Betsy getting a space early.

The drive to camp was really nice, the wee road hugged the coast passing through tiny hamlets as it winded down to Carradale. At camp we were soon setup. Betsy’s space was right at the front next to the path to the breach. I think we should let lunch settle, what do you think Dad?

poppy the westie sleeping at camp in carradale

Later in the afternoon it was time to go to the beach. Carradale bay has a great beach, its massive and there is always plenty of space for a game of ball.

poppy the westie hits carradale beach

Every now and then you can walk across the beach to Waterfoot. Most of the time you have to walk all the way to the road and cross a bridge to get to the other side. Today was one of those times we could cross. Mum took her shoes off, it wasn’t too deep so I joined her. Come on Dad.

poppy the westie mid afternoon strole on carradale beach

This was to be a relaxy hollybags so we just hung about Betsy in the evening, no midges here. As the Mr sun went to sleep sister moon came out to see us. Sister Moon, I like your peach outfit you are wearing tonight, glad to see you have come so close. It wasn’t just me who was pleased to see her. All the way up and down the beach the darkness broken by camp fires. A lot of peoplesees are partying tonight eh Dad.

peach moon at carradale

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