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Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair

We got to camp late and in the dark, a nice peoplesee in the pub let us in. It was so dark betsy had a rest anywhere she could find. Next morning we found the error of our ways, shift Betsy when we get back? In the mean time how about some rubs?

poppy the westie wants pets at cayton

We told the camp peoplesees we would shift Betsy later and went to the bus stop. The bus was great. It had its own path all the way into town missing all the ques of cars. We got off and went to explore the train station. They have got old trains here dad.

poppy the westie at Scarborough Station

The town was busy so we decided to get away from all the peoplesees. We walked through as small park until we were high above the town.

poppy the westie above Scarborough

Dad? When can I play ball? Look lots of grass thets go in here. ”Poppy I don’t think we are meant to play ball in the rose garden”.

poppy the westie playing ball in the rose garden

I could see the beach but it was miles away. Mmm how we get down there then Mum? We started to go down hill through the park I saws it. Squirrelsees! I was off, I chased through the bushes but sneaky squirrelsees got up a tree just as I was about to catch him.

poppy the westie explores the italian gardens in Scarborough

Then I saw another one, I chased it trough the gardens but this one climbed the garden wall and I couldn’t get to him. If you come down your mine. Mmmm time for beach. Leaving the gardens behind we followed a path down through the trees to the beach. Whats that, another one! Grrrrrrrrrrough! I’ll get this one.

poppy the westie chasing squirrels

Scarborough is great loads of squirrelsees to chaise. At the bottom of the hill we had to walk along a big wall to get to the beach. It does look like a good beach though. Mum and Dad were getting hungry and decided to go to a place called the Spa. It had a great roof for a game of ball.

poppy the westie playing on the spa Scarborough

Mum found a table and we decided it was the perfect place for picnics. I got ham and treats!

poppy the westie has a picnic at Scarborough Spa

All fed and watered it was time for the beach. Ball Ball Ball!

poppy the westie on Scarborough beach

We walked back past the Spa heading into town. Funny how it looks different from down here dad. Who would believe it’s got a ballpark on its roof.

poppy the westie outside Scarborough Spa

Playing ball all along the beach was taking it out of me. Mmmmm I’m not the pup I use to be.

poppy the westie ran out on Scarborough beach

When we got to town mum went to explore some shops. She bought a big heavy bench. How we going to get that on a bus? “Its ok Poppy he is going to keep it for me.” Mmmmm OK then. We left the front and walked around the headland, it was cold, windy and went on for miles. Finally mum gave me a break and carried me for a bit, then joy, another beach. This beach had lots of stalls setup around it. Dad, what’s a surf fest?

poppy the westie on north beach Scarborough

There were lots of old cars and Volkswagen campers, I suppose that’s why there are none at our camp, they are all here. Mum! Look at the size of him! Grrrrrr peoplsees are not meant to be that big.

poppy the westie with freddy gilroy north bay Scarborough

It was getting late and we had to make tracks back to the bus station. One wee problem. Look at the sise of the hill we have to climb. It was tough going but better than walking round the headland! When we got back to Betsy we shifted her to her new spot. Nuff excitement for one day, Wake me up when its dinner time.

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