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Round Loch Morlich

Round Loch Morlich

The day started well we went to the Pine Martin for breaky. YUM I got bacon, egg and sausage!

poppy the westie in the pine martin

We went down to the beach for a game of ball, it was quite busy. Dad, the peoplesees are not going to go into the loch are they? It’s freezing on the beach never mind the loch. Are they mental?

dafty going into loch morlich

After a game of ball we started to walk round the loch, look dad rocks to climb, Mum and Dad told me on the other side was chair lifts, just like the ones in Italy. I couldn’t see them though.

poppy the westie on rock in loch morlich

Time to go? OK better get off this rock then.

poppy the westie jumping from rock in loch morlich

The path took us to the end of the loch I had a sniff about, I will find a place to cross.

poppy the westie at the far end of loch morlich

On the other side the path was nowhere near the loch. Dad followed a path to get down to the shore, Don’t think this will work dad its very boggy, remember the last time we went through a bog?

poppy the westie on west bank of loch morlich

Back on the path we took a detour through the forest, there were millions of toadstools everywhere.

poppy the westie and toadstools loch morlich

Never mind toadstools, Mum look, I have found a Poppystool!

poppy the westie finds a stool

Back on the shore I went to explore, some good spots to camp here dad. Then I spotted a huge stick. Must be some size of doggy that chases that.

poppy the westie finds a big stick at loch morlich

Time to get back, but how are we going to cross the river? Dad this is way too deep to walk across. Never mind I will find a way to cross it. Follow me.

poppy the westie at the river loch morlich

After a while I found a bridge and we were soon on the other side. Suddenly I heard splashes in the water. Mmmm to big for ducks, better investigate. Look Mum Kayaks! Last thing I expected to find on a wee river like this. I wonder where they came from.

poppy the westie finds kayaks in river at loch morlich

As the river met the loch I soon found out. Mum, I found out where the kayaks came from.

poppy the westie investigates kayaks at loch morlich

It was getting late. Good job we were close to Betsy. Tomorrow we are heading home so it will be an early night to night. Home is long long way off.

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