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Cayton Bay

Cayton Bay

We were not getting a bus today because we were going to explore the neighbourhood. After a quick patrol round camp I decided Betsy’s new spot was much better than the first one.

poppy the westie and Betsy at Cayton bay camp site

What we having for breaky? “We are going out for breaky Poppy” said Mum. Mmmmm always a good sign, I bet I get sausages! We walked into the village and went into Russel’s Mini Mart. Hold on Mum I thought you said we were going out to eat? At the back of the shop was a door that opened into a café, I could smell the sausages already YUM. Breaky was great, I got sausages and bacon!

The walk back to camp did little to use up all the food in my belly and when I got back to Betsy I had to have a wee snooze to sleep it off. Mum and dad had a light lunch, I was still stuffed when mum ot harness out and said we were going to the beach. Beach? What Beach?

Not far from the camp we went under the main road and I got off leash. We followed a path to the top of a cliff then I could see the sea. Mum look at all the steps! Poppys loves steps! “It wont be that when we have got to come back up them” said dad. At the bottom we met a strange young peoplesee. I said hello, he said “There is a dead seal monster on the beach and I caved its head in with a rock”. I looked at dad, I heard dad say under his breath “weirdo” Never mind him dad where’s the ball?

poppy the westie on Cayton Bay

We had a great game of ball along the beach. The sand was perfect and no wind. If the sand is too loose it gets in my teeth and if its to windy it gets in my eyes. Poppys are very close to the ground.

poppy the westie and ball on cayton bay beach

I decided to play chase the white horses. They were not very big today nor where they noisy. One thing for sure the water was not perfect for paddling.

poppy the westie after a dip at cayton bay

Look dad Look. Rocks for climbing! Poppys loves to climb rocks. Can we go to the end of the beach and climb?

poppy the westie climbing rocks at cayton bay

Dad more rocks, let’s play here as well, come on dad try and catch me. I can climb better than you. “I have a feeling you will get board of climbing when we walk back and have those hundred steps at the end of the beach” said dad. Steps? I gave him a look, what steps.

poppy the westie on rocks at cayton bay

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