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Rain? in Peschiera?

Rain? in Peschiera?

Our neighbours left this morning we wished them god speed on their journey to Venice. It was our last day so we thought we should at least explore Peschiera on foot. Since we got here we had only scratched the surface. As we entered the town it was market day, in we went because mum wanted to buy limes. The market was big but very samey. Nothing here we couldn’t get in the market at Crone on Idro. Limes bought we headed into town. That’s when it happened. The sun hid behind a cloud it got cooler and the sky started to cry. It took all the peoplesees by surprise.

It can rain in Peschiera

It didn’t last for long so off we went to explore. We crossed the bridge we were under yesterday and explored the walls over looking the pier.

Poppy the westie on the castle walls at Peschieria

Dad wanted to see the Brescia Gate so we plodded though different street and found it. It was right across from the square where we were the first night here. Once through I went to explore.

Poppy the westie exploring Porta Brescia

Mmmmm new smells I followed my nose and was soon on the shore. I chose to ignore the keep out sign, rules are optional in Italy don’t you know, and went out explore the jetty. One thing that is not optional is when Mum shouts “If you rub yourself in that you are going in the lake to get cleaned!” mmm better not use the free perfume then.

Poppy the westie walks the plank at porta brescia

We crossed the bridge and heard somebody comment “It’s a bit warmer here than on the Clyde”, how very true.

Poppy the westie on Ponte di Porta Brescia

Back at camp Dad packed up kayak and sun loungers, mum got Betsy tidy for the next journey. I had a lazy afternoon.

poppy the westie gaurds camp at Peshieria

Tonight we were going out to Vecchio Mulino Beach, Mum had booked an outside table. I couldn’t be bothered.  Mum, Dad, you know what? You go, I’ll just stay here. “That will be shining bright, your coming” said dad.

poppy the westie does not want to go out for dinner

When we got there the weather had changed, it was bowing a hooley. All outside tables were being moved inside. Some of the peoplesees started to argue and fight because they couldn’t get a table. Lucky Mum had booked!

Poppy the westie in Vecchio Mulino Beach

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