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Mountain Passes and Alpine meadows

Mountain Passes and Alpine meadows

Betsy was up early this morning. She was purring away when I got back from our walk. She had a hard day ahead of her. Dad looked a bit worried, Dad, don’t fret, Betsy can handle anything. She rolled out of camp and was soon climbing the mountains. Up an Up she climbed the air getting cooler and fresher the higher she climbed. She pulled over to the side of the road as she needed a wee rest. Game of ball while Betsy gets her breath back?

poppy the westie on hills above Canazei

It was nice and warm, not too hot, but best of all was all the new smells. I recognised a few of them but some I had no idea what they were. It was very quite but every now and then it was shattered by the howl of a motorbike. Suppose we better get back to Betsy.

Betsy climbing the Sella Pass

All back in Betsy we were off again. The road was narrow and twisty sometimes it even bent back on itself. The biggest problem Betsy had was keeping fast enough to keep climbing. To add to the problem was pesky cyclists, hundreds of them. Why do peoplesees do that Dad? “I have no idea poppy” When we got to the top Betsy had another rest.

Canazei from the Sella Pass

This was the Sella Pass, the only way place you can cross the mountain. Look dad you can see for miles, I can even see Canazei. Lets go look at the other side.

poppy the westie at the Sella Pass Italy

Where is that down there? “Plan De Gralba, Poppy” said Dad. You look cold Dad will we go back to Betsy?

poppy the westie in the wind at the sella pass Italy

Betsy carefully started to go down the mountain. Mum and dad wanted to show me a few places they have been to before I was born. The first was Selva. They were amazed at how big it had become. The next was Ortasei and Betsy was amazed with the long que of cars to get into it. Ortasei was not very Betsy friendly. First was the narrow streets then everywhere she tried to rest where signposts saying NO BETSYS. At one an American started to bark at Dad. Dad was not chuffed and gave him a mouthful back. Betsy got lost and went round in circles but eventually she found a place to rest. The signpost still said NO BETSYS but the peoplesees took money off Dad anyhow. I was hot when we got out, Mum said I would not need my cool vest, I looked at her, you think? I soon found out why, Cable Car!

poppy the westie looking down to Ortasei

At the top it was cool but not cold I had a wee lie down and enjoyed the sun on my back and soft grass on my tum. This is great up here. Let’s explore

poppy the westie having a rest in an alpine meadow

We followed a path to the top of the hill, we were trying to see the town below. Everywhere trees. Dad they should chop some of these down to improve the view, I mean you see one tree you have seen them all.

poppy the westie exploring the mountain above Ortasei

We plodded around and I even got a game of Ball. Poppys loves Dolomites.

poppy the westie in the dolomites at Ortasei

All good things must come to an end and soon the cable car whisked back down to the town. As we fell down the mountain the air got warmer and warmer. In the town it was roasting. Hot weather makes Poppys slow.

poppy the westie in ortasei Italy

Betsy was glad to see us and I was glad to see her. Inside I got a nice big drink of water. Where to next? “We are going to the campsite now, hopefully in time for dinner,” said Mum. The only problem was that camp was the other side of another mountain. Poor Betsy. This time she had to go over the Gardena Pass. Dad and Betsy were concentrating hard while me and mum just looked out the windows.

the Gardena Pass

Betsy did us proud and deserved her rest at the top. We looked down to the town where the campsite was. Mmmm I hope Betsy’s breaks are working, it’s a long way down

corvara from the Gardena Pass

It was time to go, Betsy’s resting place was not the best.

poppy the westie at the Gardena Pass

Carefully she made her way down the mountain and passed Colfosco. Is that not where we are camping? Mum wanted to get supplies so after a wrong turn Betsy pulled up beside a shop in Corvara. Mum got what she wanted and Betsy climbed back up to camp. Nice views in this camp Dad, even better not as many howling motorbikes.

view from camp at colfosco

We spent a lazy few hours pottering about camp and sitting in the sunshine. Occasionally I had to protect us from strange dogs, no match for a westie though.

poppy the westie and betsy at camping colfosco

As the Mr Sun got ready for bed, we got ready to go out. We were going to a restaurant in Corvara called Salvan, not only are bikers welcome Poppys are too. Dad loved his dinner, mum loved her tiramisu, Dad liked the look of the diner the table next to us had and asked the waiter what it was. I think we might be coming back here.

Poppy the westie in Salvan Corvara

It was still balmy as we made our way back to camp. It was very quiet but we still had to use the underpass to get to camp.

poppy the westie going back to camping colfosco

The walk up the road helped din dins settle. I had one last look around before getting into Betsy for sleeps.

poppy the westie surveys camping colfosco

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