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Lakes and Mountains

Lakes and Mountains

I always know when it’s moving day. Mum and Dad are not quite the same and as soon as mum starts moving everything to the seats its time for me to go to the driving chair. Today though I thought I’d go say bye byes to Sherman. All packed up Betsy rolled out of camp and headed north up the lake. After a while the roads got smaller and Betsy started to climb. The roads got steeper and very twisty, Betsy was struggling. She pulled over for a rest. Since we’re here lets explore. The air was sweet and fresh, I won’t need cool vest here! We went down a tunnel and on the other side was strange colour of blue lake. Look Mum.

lago di Carezza

Can we walk round it Mum, it will give Betsy a chance to rest? There were a few peoplesees here and the path was narrow so Mum and dad kept me on nasty leash, even then with all the new smells I didn’t care. Where is this place Dad? “Lago di Carezzo” said Dad.

poppy the westie on leash at lago di carezza

As we got further round Dad let me off. Poppys loving this, dry, not to hot, not to cold, this is perfect for Poppys.

poppy the westie off leash at lago di Carezza

Time to get back to Betsy. She quickly woke up and we off again. Up and up she went higher and higher at the top we could see for miles. That’s when she started to go down. The road was steep coming into the valley at the bottom she rolled into a small town called Canazei, the houses here were like nothing I have seen before. Betsy pulled into a campsite and found a place to rest, guess we are staying here tonight.

poppy the westie and Betsy at camping Marmolada

Let’s Explore. Canazei has a lot of motorbikes and I mean a lot. Every few minutes another bunch drive through the village heading for the mountains. Why do all the bikes come here dad? Canazei has a lot of hotels and they are all covered in flowers. Wouldn’t it be nice if they did that in Glasgow eh mum?

hotel laurin Canazie

Wondering down the main street I spotted an old church off the main drag. This part of town was where the peoplesees lived. Outside the church was a huge bath. Water constantly flowed into it from a big tap. Mum, they must have millions of water here, you cant turn this tap off. The water was cool and tasted brilliant. Wished they had this in Garda.

poppy the westie gets some cool water at canazei

We sauntered back to the main drag. Dad put leash on me because of all the motorbikes. Bloody noisy things. Mum was looking for somewhere to eat. Plenty of choice mum is there any where that sells squidees?

hotel dolomiti canazei

In the old part of the village the streets got narrower and the houses got even more elaborate. Mum found the restaurant she wanted to try. A sign on the door said they were on holiday, no food at the inn then, never mind there are loads more to choose from.

poppy the westie in the old town Canazei

On the way back to camp I met an Italian cousin, she was older than me and much more grumpy. Why you so grumpy? You don’t know how lucky you are, Mr Sun is out and it’s not too hot. It’s great here. I guess some doggies are never happy. Dad went into a shop and bought a new pair of sunglasses. The make him look like an insect but he was happy with them, as long as your happy dad. Soon the village ran out. At the end was a path that followed the river to the lower part of the village, can we go down there? “Sorry Poppy, we need to get ready for diner,” said Mum.

poppy the westie on trail at Canazei

Dinner was OK. Nothing to write home about, the peoplsees in the Restaurant were nice though.

Poppy the westie inside Da Besic Canazei

It was to be an early night, the motorbikes had already went to bed as we made our way back to Betsy. Mr Sun was going to sleep behind the mountains. Camp was very quiet when got back.

poppy the westie outside camping Marmolada

It got dark quickly in camp. Granpa phoned and told us that some peoplsees had died on the mountain that towered over us. Mmmm how did that happen? I mean its just sitting there. Betsy you better be careful tomorrow. Mum told me you will be climbing over that.

Sunset over camp Canazei

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