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Colfosco and Corvara

Colfosco and Corvara

Betsy was getting the day off after yesterdays mountaineering. So I thought it would be a good idea to explore Corvara this morning. I found a path by the river that took us into town. I was off leash most of the way. The best bit was it lead straight to a ball field. BALL BALL BALL!

poppy the westie on the ball park corvara italy

We played for ages, it was great. Mr Sun was hiding so I could run and run and run.

playing ball in corvara

Mum wandered round the shops and bought a pair of slippers, Me and Dad plodded into the old town. Look at the funny church Dad.

poppy the westie by the church in corvara

Mum caught up with us as we discovered some really old buildings. Mum look at these houses, they are so old and half made out of wood. It was deserted in this part of the town.

poppy the westie explores the old town in corvara

I was getting peckish, can we go back to Betsy for lunch and after we can explore Colfosco? Lunch was great I got hams. Well now we’re full let’s go for a walk. Up the hill we went. Good view of Corvara from here.

poppy the westie above corvara

The path went upwards through the woods following the line of a cable car. It was nice and cool for climbing. Plenty of smells here, dad told me there are pine martins here, mmmm Poppys have never chased a pine martin before. So what do they smell like dad?

poppy the westie on the trail to colfosco

At the top we crossed a bridge and come out of the trees into a big open field. I jumped in front of mum and looked up at her “I don’t have it Poppy,” she said. I jumped in front of Dad. Hi hand went into his pocket, BALL BALL BALL.

poppy the westie gets to colfosco

After a wee game or two we went to explore the town. I found another wee church, this one was a bad church, Poppys not allowed in. So much for being inclusive. Never mind Its good enough to have a poo on its square.

poppy the westie by the bad church in colfosco

On we went further up and away from the traffic. Leash off I was having a great time. Look the bad church.

poppy the westie above colfosco

I tried to find the houses we see from camp. They must be here somewhere. Try as I could I just couldn’t find them.

poppy the westie at the top of colfosco

Are we going back to The Salvan for dinner? Better make tracks. We plodded back to Betsy and got changed for dinner. Dad got the dinner that he saw last night. I don’t know what it was called but it tasted great! Back up the hill to Betsy then. We are moving on tomorrow.

poppy the westie outside camping colfosco

Dad, I never noticed before, is that a house all the way up there?

house on the mountain

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