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Dad was bad last night, he had way too much of the daft Juice and was in the bad books. It didn’t take long for everything to get back to normal and soon we were heading into town. Mum was going to the butchers to buy a pastie before they sold out. There was a que when we got there, popular this butcher. When she came out we could tell her quest for a Welsh pastie was in vain. Maybe next year Mum.

We followed the road down to the river bank and followed the river till we could cross it at Ironbridge. Following the other bank we wondered to the sea.

Poppy the Westie on rout to Newport Beach

As we got close to the mouth of the river we took a short cut over the dunes and down to the beach. It was nice big beach great for ball. We played all the way along the beach to the mouth of the river.

Poppy the Westie on Newport Beach

The river was still to wide to cross so we plodded back to Ironbridge where I met a biker dog called max. His Mum and Dad had got a dog box made for their motorbike! He even had his own pair of goggles!

We made our way back to Betsy via the butchers, mum might not have got a pastie but she did pick up other goodies. It was a quick turnaround at Betsy because we were going out for diner very early. Every where was booked solid because it was the Easter weekend so we were eating before six! Back down the road and into The Golden Lion. Our tables were in a big tent in the garden. I liked it.

Poppy the Westie in the golden lion Newport

Food was yummy I got fishees

Poppy the Westie at diner in the golden lion Newport

We set off back up the lanes to Betsy. I was feeling tiered. All that walking, sea air and big fishee diner was taking its toll.

Poppy the Westie comming back from newport

I stopped half way up to say goodbye to the sheeps and assess the plod up the hill to camp.

Poppy the Westie said goodbye to Newport

Tomorrow we are heading up the road.  Wales was good. I wonder how long till our next adventure. I wonder if Betsy will be better by then, I hope so, poor Betsy. I really hope she makes it up the road tomorrow.

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